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42 entries are tagged with zoidberg meme. 1. Why not "trapezoidberg". 10 Futurama Jokes That Will Make You Smarter. You may also like. Jalopnik. NASCAR's 'The Cup' Is The Greatest Motorsport Innovation Of All Time. Bradley Brownell. Yesterday 11:00AM. Deadspin. Butthole Eaten At Lions Tailgate. Samer Kalaf. and you should feel bad. Your memes are bad. and you should feel bad. Zoidberg: That's my joke! I'll kill you! Runs to iHawk and starts trying to throttle him with his pincers Zoidberg operating: Zoidberg: Scalpel! cuts something Blood bucket! puts it under the patient Priest! Next patient! iHawk: Gee, Zoidberg, leave some for the enemy to kill.

Your joke is bad and you should feel bad Zoidberg. In 3001, Zoidberg saved Fry's life by transplanting his head onto Amy's shoulder when his body was severely damaged in a car crash on Jupiter's moon Europa. Mating Season. In 3001, Zoidberg was filling with male jelly and becoming violent due to the approaching mating season for his species.

Welcome to the wooorld of tomorrowww! Have you ever tried simply closing out of reddit, sitting down with your children, and hitting them. 2012-10-29 · The My Friends. and Zoidberg trope as used in popular culture. That's what we said about Zoidberg, and look where that got us. Zoidberg: Amy has a point. a community that's used to jokes and sarcasm from the main staff, not serious articles about discrimination. Why not Zoidberg? Close. 74. Posted by. u/dazzellmcdazzell. 8 months ago. Archived. Like an egg? Why not Zoidberg? 6 comments. share. save hide report. 95% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. This article says that zoidberg lost his medical degree in a volcano and requires and in line citation. The source is from "A Clone of my own" season 2 episode 15 of Futurama about 11 minutes in. In the episode Cubert is examining the planet express crew and asks Zoidberg if he even has a medical degree.

and you should feel bad. your question is bad. and you should feel bad.

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