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This is why romaine lettuce is also good for your heart! 3. Heart Healthy Romaine Lettuce’s vitamin C and beta-carotene work together to prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. This prevents the build up of plaque. 4. Omega-3 Fatty acids Romaine lettuce has a two to one ratio of omega-3 to omega-6. At the moment, it's not definite that lettuce is the culprit in the U.S., as the CDC is interviewing people to determine the common denominator of what people ate before getting sick. But, in Canada, where 41 of the 58 illnesses were reported, The Public Health Agency has determined romaine lettuce.

2019-11-25 · So why can't we keep romaine lettuce safe and clean? Here's some reasons why lettuce is so vulnerable and why tracking down the source of a bacterial outbreak can be difficult. E. coli outbreak alert:Do not eat any romaine lettuce. Romaine lettuce is once again being pulled off shelves and out of fridges across the US. But contaminated lettuce isn't as deadly as bad meat. 2018-11-20 · “It’s especially important given that these are large gatherings where dishes containing romaine lettuce are frequently served,” he said. The E. coli outbreak was first identified on Oct. 8 and has led to the hospitalization of 13 people, including one person who developed kidney failure.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC says foodborne illnesses affect 1 in 6 about 48 million Americans every year, resulting in 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths. 1 In 2018, those statistics include a few hundred individuals who contracted Escherichia coli E. coli after eating romaine lettuce. 2018-04-20 · Public health officials are now telling consumers to avoid all types of romaine lettuce from southwest Arizona because of an E. coli outbreak linked to the vegetable that has spread to at least 16 states and sickened at least 60 people, including eight inmates at an Alaska prison. 2018-01-11 · Why you may want to avoid eating romaine lettuce By Jacob Passy. Published: Jan 11, 2018 10:58 a.m. ET. Share. An E. coli outbreak could be tied to romaine lettuce, but public health officials are hesitant to issue a public. Why there is still cause for concern. 2018-11-23 · FIRSTLY, CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU ON 16,000 SUBSCRIBERS!!!! ️♥️💕💙😍💛💞💓🎶 I'm so proud of us. Secondly, the CDC has advised us all to avoid all romaine at the store, throw it away if we have it at home, and wash any shelf or drawer that held romaine.

2017-08-18 · Odds are you grew up knowing several basic maxims to be true. You should never talk to strangers. You should look both ways before crossing the street. And romaine lettuce, nutritionally speaking, is about as good as no lettuce at all. But it's just not true! We're here to tell you that romaine. All in all, iceberg lettuce really isn’t that bad for you—but you should know that there are healthier alternatives out there. For example, romaine lettuce is similar in taste, but offers more nutrients, including high amounts of fiber and vitamin C. Kale is even better, providing all of that along with an abundance of antioxidants.

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