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A whipped cream and white chocolate mousse is chilled in a rich shortbread crust that's spread with raspberry jam for an easy, elegant no-bake cake. For the base i used this amazing recipe – Chocolate raspberry mousse cake. Even though everyone loved it i somehow wasn’t satisfied with the base “brownie” layer and so i decided to search for a bit different recipe just for that layer. And i have found it on this site – Triple chocolate mousse cake. We have 3 words to make you happy – strawberries, chocolate and cookies! Make this easy chocolate mousse cake for your next celebration. This chocolate mousse cake is a great no bake dessert with creamy texture, Mascarpone, vanilla and white chocolate flavor, with fresh strawberries.

This no bake white chocolate strawberry mousse cake is a delicate and elegant summer dessert, refreshing and most of all really flavorful. Just imagine, a crispy crust, a soft white chocolate mousse layer followed by a fruity mousse layer and topped with fresh strawberries which also bring a bit of texture and flavor. Pour half of the white chocolate mousse into the prepared 8-inch mold. Place the frozen strawberry jelly into the mold, then the chocolate cake on top. Cover with the remaining mousse. Place into the freezer for 8-12 hours until completely set. To make mirror glaze: Place 1/4 cup of water into a small bowl and sprinkle over the gelatin powder. This Blackberry mousse cake has everything it needs to be a great dessert. The base is a chocolate Italian sponge cake. It’s dark and moist, sweet, and has the distinctive flavor of chocolate. The delicate white chocolate mousse is light, and soft in both sweetness and flavor. Feeling ambitious? Or do you just adore white chocolate? Careful planning, the right equipment, and a thorough review of the recipe is all it takes to make this Floating Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse Cake. No element of preparation is difficult; it’s just all in the timing.

2018-10-30 · This mousse cake needs to chill at least 6 hours or more depending on the size of your pan and the temperature of your fridge but I like to make it one day ahead and chill it overnight. You can make the Oreo crust and fill it with the chocolate mousse up to 2 days ahead. Refrigerate, covered. Decorate the cake just before serving. 2020-01-05 · In another bowl, whip remaining 1 cup of the cream to almost stiff peaks. Fold half the whipped cream into the white chocolate mix to lighten and then fold in the remaining whipped cream. Spoon the white chocolate mousse. 2017-05-25 · This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for more information. Galaxy Mousse Cakes are almost too pretty to be real! Mini chocolate mousse cakes on a brownie base are covered with a gorgeous glossy mirror glaze that’s swirled to look like the galaxy. They are. 2016-04-26 · This mousse cake recipe is inspired by Marcel Desaulniers from The Food Network. It’s almost as good as my classic chocolate mousse, strawberry mousse cake, triple Nutella mousse cake, and Nutella cheesecake. The chocolate mousse filling.

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