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Ett drinkrecept på en utsökt syrlig drink. Whiskey sour rör du enkelt ihop av whisky, limejuice och sockerlag. Servera den läckra, sura drinken med is. 2019-05-07 · Barflies have been sipping classic cocktails for decades because they're timeless—a martini, old fashioned, and daiquiri will simply never go out of style. Here are 16 of the best ones to order at a bar. Put sugar in glass. Cover it with dashes of bitters. Add whiskey and stir until sugar. 2020-01-04 · Whiskey might be one of the best spirits to sip neat, but it really comes to life when mixed into a cocktail. Forget drowning the brown booze in a blast of syrupy soda gun cola—these drinks call for fresh, quality ingredients that elevate whiskey rather than mask it. Here, the best whiskey.

Segundo os relatos, o WHISKEY SOUR foi o primeiro sour e foi inventado por Elliot Stubb, um inglês que trabalha num navio, entre 1874 e 1879, que ao aportar no Peru experimentou misturar nosso querido whiskey com a especiaria chefe peruana, o limão, dando um toque de açúcar pra chegar ao ponto de nosso drink. Vamos ao drink. 2018-08-24 · While the Brandy Sour may once have dominated the Sour family of cocktails, it is the Whiskey Sour that thrived during the Prohibition-era and proved the most popular and endearing style of Sour, so much so, that it has its own day celebrated annually on the 25th August. At its worst, the Whiskey Sour is a sickly-sweet mixed drink built in the glass. At its best, it’s the highest form of the sour cocktail family its cousins include the Daiquiri, Gimlet, Sidecar and Margarita. The earliest printed recipe for the drink appeared in Jerry Thomas’ 1862 tome The Bartenders Guide. Sours belong to one of the old families of original cocktails and are described by Jerry Thomas in his 1862 book How to Mix Drinks. Sours are mixed drinks containing a base liquor, lemon or lime juice, and a sweetener triple sec, simple syrup, grenadine, or pineapple juice are common. Egg whites are also included in some sours.

The ingredients for a whiskey sour can be all over the board. Some use lemon and lime juice with simple syrup. Simple is better in my world. The ingredients for my whiskey sours are limeade concentrate, whiskey, orange juice concentrate, and grenadine. 2019-12-04 · 17. Whiskey Sour. Simple, yet tasty. This classic cocktail blends a shot of bourbon with lemon juice and simple syrup, served on the rocks, and topped off with a lemon wedge. [View Recipe] 18. Seven and Seven. With many of the other whiskey drinks on the list, you can choose the brand of whiskey. That’s not the case with this cocktail. Whisky är inte bara populärt att dricka som det är. Spriten är också mycket vanlig i många av världens mest populära drinkar och klassiker som Whiskey sour, Irish coffee och Old fashioned. Ibland används whisky eller whiskey, och ibland bourbon. 2018-11-18 · To limit the list of cocktails worth knowing to a manageable length, we rounded up the 10 most popular bar drinks—beer and wine excluded—in 2019, as tallied by Drinks International. Even if you aren't familiar with them, your bartender will be, so order with confidence and drink happily.

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