Treating Bees With Oxalic Acid Vapor -

Any treatment applied indiscriminately can harm your bees and this is certainly true with oxalic acid. The approved use of oxalic acid in the hive – using the documented procedures and cautions – will be just fine. But don’t deviate from that, since overuse can indeed be harmful to your bees. Oxalic acid cautions Handle oxalic acid with care. In the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics we find that upon heating oxalic acid, the water of hydration boils off first, then at 315°F the oxalic acid starts to sublime go directly from solid to vapor, and finally at 372°F any oxalic acid which has not yet sublimed decomposes to formic acid.

The everclear alcohol and the water are the carriers for the oxalic acid. They both make a vapor steam and carry the oxalic vapor into the hive where the steam condenses on all the cooler surfaces. This deposits the oxalic acid on surfaces where the bees and mites will contact the crystals and mite contact with oxalic is the kill method. When brood-less, oxalic acid dribble or vaporization appears to give close to a 100% knockdown. Once vaporized oxalic acid immediately condenses into its anhydrous form, and the dust coats everything in the hive. In its dihydrate form, oxalic acid does not damage mites unless ingested by the bees.

Oxalic Acid Dribble and Sublimation. when applying vapor at 5-day intervals to obtain good efficacy in colonies. Aliano and Ellis, in their very well done preliminary investigation into treating package bees with oxalic, found that the spray application of 3 mL of 2.8% w:w of oxalic acid in sugar syrup per 1000 bees. 2019-11-19 · Oxalic Acid Vapor - new application method. Discussion in 'Pests. There are youtube videos on using a fogger to treat bees for varroa mites with oxalic acid. I have seen some videos of treating bees in the winter with OA vapor. With the vaporization method of application, oxalic acid dihydrate crystals are heated using a specialized application device until they liquefy and vaporize. Oxalic acid vapor fills the hive and all the bees and hive interior surfaces are covered with a very thin layer of oxalic acid.

The toxicity of oxalic acid OA to Varroa has been known for nearly three decades based on experiments conducted in Asia and later in Europe. The initial tests compared spraying weak OA solutions on bees, trickling OA sugar syrups into honey bee colonies and OA fumigation vaporization. I think the big question here is how long after a treatment does the oxalic acid continue to kill mites. As you know, oxalic acid vaporization sends a cloud of tiny crystals into the air which quickly attach to all the internal surfaces of the hive, including the combs, the woodenware, and the bees themselves. Oxalic acid is common in the plant kingdom, because it is repellent to herbivores. It does a few things: 1. It makes the plant taste sour—go ahead and taste buttercup oxalis, rhubarb, or spinach. The grittiness you feel on your tongue is the oxalic acid reacting with the calcium in your saliva to form oxalates salts of oxalic acid. 2. Seal all upper hive entrances and cracks with tape to avoid escape of oxalic acid vapor. Smoke bees up from the bottom board, Place 2.0 g Oxalic Acid Dihydrate powder into vaporizer. Follow the vaporizer manufacturer’s directions for use. Insert the vaporizer apparatus through the bottom entrance. Apply heat until all oxalic acid has sublimated.

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