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2019-03-18 · I have in stock 2 sets of wheel spacers for the Model 3. These are made for the OEM wheels and meant to bring the wheels out towards the fenders more for a flush look. Currently with the stock wheels, the fenders dramatically hang over the wheels. This. 2017-05-26 · Model 3 comes with the option of dual motor all-wheel drive, 20” Performance Wheels and Brakes and lowered suspension for total control, in all weather conditions. And a carbon fiber spoiler improves stability at high speeds, all allowing Model 3 to accelerate from 0-60 mph in as little as 3. 2018-03-30 · There's a couple of people. Problem is you need pretty significant ones I believe 15mm-20mm and then you need. And then you need to ensure they clear the oem studs otherwise the wheels won't mount up. Seriously though just google it. Tesla model S wheel spacers. There's a thread here from ay least a year or so ago.

Hello all, I am looking for a set of spacer 15mm/20mm. I found BLOXSPORT which are most people using, but I don't really trust this brand. Do you guys know any good spacers can fit Model 3? Like H&R? With this spacer, the Tesla cables will align with the two holes in the bottom edge of the Jeda Wireless Pad allowing your passenger to charge the phone wired. This option is ideal in case the passenger of your Tesla Model 3 doesn’t have a wireless charging capable phone. Additionally, the Jeda Spacer can be used without the Jeda Wireless Pad.

2019-10-03 · We had something real special stop by the shop for a fresh set of lowering springs and wheel spacers. If you've ever wondered what it takes to install lowering springs and wheel spacers on a Tesla Model 3 then pull up a chair and enjoy! The car turned out perfect, the spacers kicked our wheels. Have wheels with a less than ideal offset or a different bolt pattern? They’ll work great and look good on your Tesla Model 3 with a set of our wheel spacers or adapters. Wheel Spacers. Tesla Model 3. 2017-2019 - Tesla - Model 3 EV. 2pcs 15mm Anodized 5x114.3 Wheel Spacer for Infiniti G25,G37,G35,Sedan,Coupe. Hub Centric Rings. 5x114.3MM / 5x4.5". 2x 15MM2x 20MM. 2Pc 15mm2Pc 20mm. Wheel Spacers.

Model 3 Tesla.

Wider tires rubbing the frame? Aftermarket calipers contacting the rims? You can solve both of these problems on your 2018 Tesla Model 3 with our wheel spacers. Design and order your Tesla Model 3, the car of the future. Learn about lease, loan and cash payment options, warranties, electric vehicle incentives, gasoline savings and more. Buy Traverse Ridge Racing Tesla Model 3 Performance Upgrade Wheel Adapter/Spacer for Aftermarket Wheels Set of 4: Wheel Adapters & Spacers -FREE.

2019-08-22 · For those wanting to upgrade wheel and tires to 20 inch. I installed a set of 20 inch TSportline wheels that are staggered on my LR Model 3. I am posting this to share my experience and expected range loss. I removed the stock aero wheels and installed a set of staggered 20 inch wheels Tires Michelin Pilot sport 4S front 235/35/ZR 20 rear 275. Tesla is accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy with electric cars, solar panels and integrated renewable energy solutions for homes and businesses. 4 15mm/20mm 5x4.5 Wheel Spacers for Tesla Model 3 Performance Long-range AWD M14. $198.21. Free shipping. 20mm front 25mm rear 5x114.3 Hubcentric Forged Wheel Spacers for Tesla model 3. $209.00. Free shipping. 4 Pc 20mm25mm Hub Centric Wheel Spacers 5x114.3 for Tesla Model 3.

BLOXSPORT 5x120 Hubcentric CB72.5 Wheel Spacers for BMW 2pc 10mm with bolts. BLOXSPORT 5x120 Hubcentric CB72.5 Wheel Spacers for BMW 2pc 12mm with bolts. 20mm front 25mm rear 5x114.3 Hubcentric Forged Wheel Spacers for Tesla model 3 eBay. Thread pitch 14x1.5 Fit for Tesla model 3. Tesla model 3. 4pc 1" hubcentric wheel spacers for Nissan 350z 300zx Altima Maxima GTR 5x114.3. Subaru 5x100 to 5x114.3 wheel spacers adapters CB56.1 to 73.1 for Impreza 2x25mm. T Sportline - Tesla Model S, X & 3 Aftermarket Accessories. Tesla Wheels, Carbon Fiber Body Kits, Custom Interiors, Suspension, Floor Mats, Lighting, Apparel. Tesla velgen en banden specialist Nederland en België voor Tesla, Model S, Model X en Model 3 TÜV goedgekeurde velgen van 18" tot 22", chrome delete, ramen tinten en full wrap. BLOXsport Wheel Spacers: - AL7075-T6 Wheel Spacers Euro Forged Wheel Spacers Others Forged Wheel Spacers Japan Adapters special customization extended wheel Bolts & Studs OEM or B2B Service BLOXsport Aluminum 7075-T6 Wheel Spacers.

Pair of 15mm Hubcentric Wheel Spacers 5x114.3 Forge fit Tesla Model 3 Base Sedan. $101.37. $109.00. Free shipping. Fits Tesla Model 3 2017 2018 Aluminum 5Lug Wheel Spacers 5x114.3 5x4.5 Pair 15mm. $107.96. $119.96. Free shipping. 5x114 CB64.1 M14x1.5 20mm Hubcentric Wheel Spacers for Tesla Model 3 2018 Pair. Tesla Model 3 Aftermarket Wheels. 18", 19", and 20" Tesla TST, TSS, and Forged Wheels for Tesla Model 3 by T Sportline. Shop turbine style wheels, arachnid style wheels, and forged wheels for your Tesla Model 3. Would you like to create a Tire & wheel order. and shop for tires to match the wheels in your cart? We guarantee the Modern Spare Spare Tire kits to be the highest quality and best choice for your Tesla Model 3. Here is why: To make your Modern Spare Kit incredibly simple to use, we designed an aluminum alloy wheel that is significantly lighter and more capable than a conventional steel counterpart.

2018-08-28 · Just checked on your wheels. They come only in 18X8 35. My guess is the wheel's drop center has the valve stems getting in contact with your brake calipers or lower suspension arm? I would get a 15mm spacer front and 25mm spacer for the rear. Also, make sure you check the backside of the wheels you have to make sure there's pockets on the backpad.2018-08-04 · Since the studs are short on the Model 3, and adding 20mm spacers to the rear would not completely cover the studs for the wheel to be flush against the spacers, would you not have the trim the studs for it to be flush with the studs on the spacers? Unless your wheels have room for the stock studs.2018-07-27 · Tesla Owner Model 3 Country. Jul 27, 2018 25. Any of. The fronts are spacers where you use the original stud to secure the wheel w/ new nuts, where as the rears are wheel adapters spacers with built in new studs. Babar Batla Active member..I have a 2018 S 75D, and I really want the wheels to be flush with the wells. A couple of things came to mind after talking to Tesla, and a couple of body guys i know: • I'm going to be getting 21's from Tesla, turbines likely which will be my summer wheels, and keep the stock 19's for winter/all weather stuff. This begs two questions: - If.

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ETA ships before 8/14/19 Fits RWD, Dual Motor and Performance Models with or without Upgraded Brakes. What's worst than a flat tire? The sinking realization that you are in the middle of nowhere and have no way to fix it. We now offer Spare Tire Kits from Modern Spare for your Tesla Model 3!. offers the best selection of Wheel Spacers & Hardware for your Tesla Model 3. SAVE Online, or call 714-582-3330 to speak to one of our Modification Experts Now. Model 3 kan väljas med Dual Motor fyrhjulsdrift, 20" Performance-hjul och -bromsar samt sänkt fjädring för total kontroll under alla väderförhållanden. En kolfiberspoiler förbättrar stabiliteten vid höga hastigheter, och allt detta gör att Model 3 kan accelerera från 0–100 hm/h på så lite som 3,4 sekunder. 2018-12-05 · Nu kan Tesla Model 3 beställas även i Sverige. Här är de svenska priserna och leveransdatumen – plus den officiella räckviddssiffran. Intresset för Teslas "folkelbil" Model 3 har varit enormt sedan premiäreventet. Elon Musk hade länge problem att få upp tillverkningsvolymerna, men nu.

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