Spotted Lantern Fly Trap -

2018-07-02 · Donovall helped identify the pest when it was first discovered in Berks County in 2014. He says in 2016, the lantern fly infestation covered about 174 square miles. By the end of 2017, more than 3,000 square miles in southeastern Pennsylvania had spotted lanternflies, primarily in Berks, Montgomery, Northampton and Lehigh counties. 2019-06-22 · Only need an old soda bottle and some hand sanitizer to kill the spotted lantern fly nymphs. Only need an old soda bottle and some hand sanitizer to kill the spotted lantern fly nymphs. Skip navigation. Amazing Quick Rabbit Trap. 2015-12-17 · The Spotted Lantern Fly has arrived and it seems to me spreading like wild fire. Do you have any updates on how to get rid of them. Some neighbors have called professionals to come and spray but we have also had an unusual wet/rain summer that I do believe that is like throwing money down the drain as the sprays will wash off. ‘Spotted Lanternfly Zones of Syncopation’ is enlisting students, staff, professors and residents alike to help collect and clip the insect’s wings to be used in stunning new visual arts pieces.” A 26-minute radio episode on WDIY's Lehigh Valley Art Salon. 2017-11-17 · With the spotted lanternfly currently an issue of concern, questions have been raised regarding the possibility of spotted lanternflies being carried into homes. Although unlikely spotted lanternfly eggs will be on Christmas trees, if they were to hatch indoors the nymphs pose no threat to humans or animals, and will die quickly.

Spotted Lanternfly Information Several years ago, Spotted Lanternflies were discovered in southern Berks County, Pennsylvania, not far north of Philadelphia. They probably arrived as an egg mass, stuck to a pallet or similar packing material and were received by. While the spotted lanternfly will feast on a variety of plant species, they have a special fondness for Ailanthus, or tree-of-heaven, which is an invasive plant that is common in landscape plantings, agricultural areas and along the sides of roads. For this reason, there is a current push from spotted lanternfly experts to remove this tree. The Spotted Lanternfly Lycorma delicatula is native to China and was first detected in Pennsylvania in September 2014. Spotted lanternfly feeds on a wide range of fruit, ornamental and woody trees, with tree-of-heaven being one of the preferred hosts.

2018-07-25 · Nadine Blair of Berks County, Pennsylvania, is among about 50 volunteers who band trees to help fight the spotted lanternfly, an invasive pest that can destroy grapes, stonefruits and other plants. Skip to content. Sections. xml. she wraps trees of heaven on her property with sticky tape — provided by the state — to trap the bugs. Spotted Lanternfly Alert. Trust your tree removal, pruning, and upkeep to the experts at Monster Tree Service! Always ready to take your call. The Catchmaster, 30' giant fly glue trap features a one sided adhesive with a pre-baited scent and chartreuse green color that is attractive to flies. It is for use in barns, waste rooms, animal farms and other high fly infestation areas. The trap can be cut to size based on the treatment.

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