Should My Child Take The Act Or Sat -

When should you take the ACT? Don't rely on a cookie cutter answer! I'll help you create a personalized, low stress ACT testing plan for your child that. No matter which test you decide to take, my online system comes with full programs for the New SAT and ACT. But picking the right test should come before any studying takes place. Colleges use something called “the concordance table” to compare SAT and ACT scores. ACT vs. SAT. The decision of which one to take may be determined simply by whatever admission criteria is laid out by your school of choice. However, if the school doesn’t specify which test it wants, making the “best” choice can be about your preference for test-taking.

ACT vs. SAT - which test should I take and why? Ah, high school. So many memories-- lockers, cheerleaders, and wood shop; late night parties, morning rushes to class, and skipping classes. “My son is unsure of which test to take.” So begins a typical conversation with a Connecticut parent sorting out whether to take the SAT or ACT. The answer has now become more clear in my mind, at least for Connecticut public school students. It is no longer “which” but rather “should I also?”. With some basic knowledge of the SAT and ACT studying preparation process, you can help to support and guide your child through this process too. Here are nine things every parent should know about SAT and ACT prep work. 1. Your child needs to choose one test and focus on it.

Should My Child take the SAT or ACT? by Michael Toohey, M.Ed. The short answer to this question is, “Yes.” Your child should take both. But he is probably going to like one test more than the other, and he will probably score higher on one test in comparison to the other. That’s because the []. 2014-09-22 · Overall, the best strategy for the SAT and ACT is to take your chosen test as early as possible in your junior year of high school. This enables you to better focus your time and resources on other parts of the college prep process. If necessary, however, you can generally sit for the tests through November of your senior year.

Debating when you should take the SAT or ACT? Your perfect test date comes down to scheduling and planning. Consider how much time you’ll need to prep, how packed your schedule is, and how many times you plan to take the test. Both the ACT and SAT are nationally standardized tests used to assess a student's readiness for college admission. Interestingly, while both ACT and SAT were originally acronyms American College Testing and Scholastic Achievement Test, respectively both are. So if you and your seventh grader understand the results of the Duke TIP program will not make or break future college plans, you can decide which test your student should take. A few more words of warning: the SAT and ACT are challenging tests for high school juniors and seniors. Most seventh graders are not familiar with the material tested.

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