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The Shenmue series has never been strict in regards to its timeline, but Shenmue III has thrown out any adherence to the real world timeline by hiding a Sega Saturn in '80s China, even though the console didn't exist until the '90s. 2011-12-04 · Based on visible artifacts in the teaser included with Shenmue II, it seems that footage of Shenmue Saturn Version was sourced from a videotape and may have been resized to represent the actual game resolution, which is believed to have been the system's standard display mode of 320x224. Shenmue is an action-adventure game developed by Sega AM2 and published by Sega for the Dreamcast in 1999 in Japan and 2000 in other territories. Directed, written and produced by Yu Suzuki, it is the first game in the Shenmue series. 2008-10-04 · Originally the ambitious game of Yu Suzuki and his AM2 studio, Shenmue, was planned to be released for Sega Saturn instead of Dreamcast. Finishing Shenmue 2 for Dreamcast or Xbox, you can unlock a rare video of the Saturn version of Shenmue. It was just an early demo, but you can see the untapped 3D. This is a working SEGA Saturn console that Ryo can find and play games on in the first game, despite that is not yet released during the games time period. The Saturn is located in a cupboard under the television in the main living room of the Hazuki Residence. Once Ryo has located it, he puts it on top of the TV unit. Obtaining Games.

Virtua Fighter 3 on Saturn would have looked like this. Also here's some info on the Shenmue footage, because I found this: an interview with Taku Kihara AM2 PR team and Shin Ishikawa. 2019-12-16 · The Sega Saturn 2--or at least a devkit for one--actually existed, and the original Shenmue was first ported on it. In a recent interview with IGN Japan, Shenmue game director Keiji Okayasu said something interesting about the game's early development. Shenmue.

2015-11-11 · The Sega Saturn port of Policenauts features several additional scenes, a slightly modified story and light gun support - effectively making the Sega Saturn edition of the game the definitive one. The patch to convert the Sega Saturn port's in-game dialogue to English is still in development, however, the team behind this release recently demonstrated their work at the Spanish retro gaming. 2011-10-04 · I am a huge Sega Saturn fan for many reasons, as well as being a fan of "Shenmue" on the Sega Dreamcast. Although a somewhat well known fact, Shenmue was actually first developed on the Sega Saturn, but unfourntally the game was scrapped and moved over onto the newer much more promosing Dreamcast. Originally Shenmue was in development for the SEGA Saturn, however was later halted at some unknown stage in favour of a SEGA Dreamcast release. Upon completion of Shenmue II, both Dreamcast and Xbox version, in the collection section you can view a movie showing clips of what the SEGA Saturn version of Shenmue looked like. Shenmue has a long development history and was originally being developed and planned for release on the Sega Saturn console. due to the relative failure of the Saturn and due to Yu Suzuki feeling that the game would better suit a more advanced system to make it realistic as possible this version was abandoned and work began on the Dreamcast.

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the reason they put a saturn in there was an easter egg. originally shenmue was being developed for the saturn, but got moved onto the dreamcast. that's why he has a saturn under the tv. another easter egg is in the red light district of dobuita, the red graphiti that says "berkley" is also an easter egg regarding the code name used internally.

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