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Looking for sentences with "butterfly effect"? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. It's the butterfly effect, one magickal bullet at the right place and right time can change the world. The process of obtaining apparently probabilistic outcomes from deterministic laws has acquired its own name, the butterfly. The life cycle of a butterfly includes a process called metamorphosis where each butterfly goes through 4 stages from an egg to a larva, then to a pupa, and finally, they turn into an adult butterfly. These 4 stages of a butterfly’s life vary slightly depending on the specific type of butterfly, as discussed below. butterfly definition: The definition of a butterfly is an insect with a slender body and four broad colorful wings that flies during the day. noun An example of a butterfly is the monarch. 2020-01-03 · Zoom Butterflies is a comprehensive on-line hypertext book about butterflies. It is designed for people of all ages and levels of comprehension. It has an easy-to-use structure that allows readers to start at a basic level on each topic, and then to progress to much more advanced information as desired, simply by clicking on links.

Moths, a variety of butterfly which is not colourful and becomes active after sunset. Some butterflies can fly as fast as 40 miles per hour. We should not destroy their wings which make it difficult for them to fly. We should look at them as a beautiful creature of God which are so mesmerising while flying and resting. butterfly in a sentence - Use "butterfly" in a sentence 1. Their mission: to save a tiny blue butterfly from extinction. 2. I've seen one with a butterfly knife." click for more sentences of butterfly. Idea 4 Butterfly Grammar Craft- Add simple sentences on each wing of a butterfly. Then the comma and fanboy can be added on the body of the butterfly to join the two simple sentences into one. I added a touch to this craft idea by making the butterflies body in the shape of a comma. use-in-a- English words and Examples of Usage use "butterfly" in a sentence My daughter is studying the life cycle of the butterfly in her elementary school science class. A butterfly will emerge from its cocoon after a certain amount of time. He did an exhaustive study into the effects of pollution on the local butterfly. Definition of Butterfly. a slender-bodied insect with two sets of colorful wings. Examples of Butterfly in a sentence. The caterpillar morphed into a four-winged butterfly.

The role that this beautiful, virtually unknown and completely innocent woman would have in putting into motion the two World Wars of the 20th century. This is Sophie Chotek. Duchess of Hohenberg. And I bet that virtually none of you has ever hear. A butterfly is a usually day-flying insect of the order Lepidoptera. They are grouped together in the suborder Rhopalocera. Butterflies are closely related to moths, from which they evolved. The earliest discovered fossil moth dates to 200 million years ago. Butterfly larvae, or caterpillars, consume plant leaves and spend practically all of their time searching for and eating food. Although most caterpillars are herbivorous, a few species are predators: Spalgis epius eats scale insects, while lycaenids such as Liphyra brassolis are myrmecophilous, eating ant larvae. Butterfly definition, any of numerous diurnal insects of the order Lepidoptera, characterized by clubbed antennae, a slender body, and large, broad, often conspicuously marked wings. See more.

2019-01-30 · A big yellow butterfly gently floated over and landed on my paw. Soon a whole swarm of them floated up and down around me, like a swirl of multicolored petals. It happened in my backyard, too, if the magic was strong enough. Butterflies were small and light, and very magic sensitive. Love Sentence is a five-member boy band consisting of lead singer Justin Towers and four unnamed male singers. Their theme appears to be centered around prison. Each member of Love Sentence is a teenage boy. Justin Towers has cream-colored skin, dark red hair, and green eyes. The other members.

  1. Examples of butterfly wing in a sentence, how to use it. 19 examples: Concerted evolution and developmental integration in modular butterfly wing.
  2. All about the Butterfly Life Cycle with LOTS of cool life cycle pictures and a coloring page too! Learn about the butterfly life cycle stages and see pictures of the eggs, caterpillars, chrysalis and more.

A butterfly has four stages in its life cycle. Each stage is different. Each stage also has a different goal. A butterfly becoming an adult is called metamorphosis. The life cycle process can take a month to year. It depends on the type of butterfly. Stage 1: Eggs. In the first stage a girl butterfly lays eggs. A butterfly first starts out as. thanks to @RobFrancis for sharing this and the wonderful people at "Get Reading Right" led by @ JoDooner. Butterfly effect definition, a cumulatively large effect that a very small natural force may produce over a period of time. See more. Sentence: As the butterfly pushed out of its cocoon, its intriguing wings fluttered quickly. Asked in Sentence and Word Structure, Example Sentences How do you use the word chrysalis in a sentence? The new butterfly slowly nudged its way out of the chrysalis.

You just wrote one when you asked this question. Here is another: The butterfly flittered around from flower to flower. John will never get a steady girlfriend: he's a social butterfly. butterfly system in a sentence - Use "butterfly system" in a sentence 1. Kharma proudly presents a unique combination of satellite speakers and a powerful subwoofer, called the Kharma Butterfly system. click for more sentences of butterfly system. Stage 4: the butterfly. Once the butterfly is ready to emerge, the case around the pupa splits open. But it’s not time for take off just yet, as the wings are at first wet, soft and wrinkled against its body. The butterfly waits for its wings to dry, and pumps a liquid called hemolymph into.

In "Day of the Butterfly" Myra and Jimmy would spend recess in the little black porch between the Boy's Side and the Girl's Side because B. they did not want to be separated. Which of the following correctly joins the clause fragment and the sentence below? HiNative is a global Q&A platform where you can ask people from all over the world questions about language and culture. We support over 110 languages. write a sentence about butterfly take care of write a sentence about butterfly the whole work. Definitely, it will be the latter but at an affordable price. With our cheap essay writing service, you can not only have the essay written in economical price but also get it delivered within the given deadline.

  1. Butterfly definition: A butterfly is an insect with large colourful wings and a thin body. Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  2. On Butterfly Wings. May 4 · Stage 3 year 5 and 6 Sentence a Day programme. The programme is very similar to each other as some of the activities are just a direct copy. I will be working on making them less similar but just in case anyone wants it now here it is.
  3. One genus of Thomisidae Phognarachne, which inhabits the Oriental region, adopts the clever device of spinning on the surface of a leaf a sheet of web resembling the fluid portions of a splash of bird's dung, the more solid central portions being represented by the spider itself, which waits in the middle of the patch to seize the butterflies.
  4. Butterfly sentence examples. University students, readers, and people looking to increase their knowledge of English may enjoy the contents of this post. The lines of text below use butterfly in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for butterfly. Also see sentences for: butter, buttercup, buttered, butterflies, buttermore.

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