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The Rode Procaster has a Cardioid polar pattern, which means it focuses on the sound in the area in front of the microphone. For a more in-depth look at polar patterns, here's our guide to them. It's an XLR microphone, which means you'll need an additional piece of equipment like a mixer, preamp, or digital recorder to run it. 2013-04-21 · The Rode Procaster is kind of between the SM7 and the RE20 in terms of sound. The Procaster needs a little less gain than the SM7 which can be a real advantage especially on budget preamps that either don't have enough gain or introduce serious hissing to the signal when cranked up eg. a Behringer mixer.

2014-09-16 · Rode Procaster is a great mic, not really an alternative to the SM7b, more of an alternative to the RE20 or even the PR40. It does need a lot of gain and a FETHead will bring it alive if your preamps don't go to 60db. The Shure SM7B dynamic microphone vs. the Rode Procaster dynamic microphone. In this corner is the legendary Shure SM7B. It’s been seen on countless podcasts and radio shows as well as in the studio to record vocals, narration, voice overs and instruments like guitar and bass. RODE Procaster Microphone at a Glance: Quality mic based on Broadcaster design Tailored-for-voice frequency response with highpass filter. Quality mic based on Broadcaster design. The RODE Procaster is based on their popular Broadcaster microphone - winner of the Radio World/US National Association of Broadcasters NAB "What's Cool" award. 2016-11-25 · An excellent professional quality broadcast style large diaphragm mic. Bulletproof build quality and a 10 year warranty. Microphone has a distinctive character audio with a boost around 80-100hz that gives voices a lot of "ooomph" that may or may not. The RØDE Procaster is my new favorite microphone for heavy metal and rock vocals. I've personally tried the Shure SM7b and as great as that mic sounds, it did not really mesh well with my vocal style when doing heavier music.

Looking at the Rode Procaster I was concerned that because it wasn't a mic that required phantom power that it wouldn't be able to pick up all the intricateness of vocals during a session. I was wrong. The Rode Procaster sounds amazing, even without a tube preamp or compression being utilized. The first test I performed on the Procaster was simple. Das Procaster hatte ich auch mal eine Weile und ja, das braucht schön viel Gain. An sich ist der Sound, den das Mikrofon bringt ziemlich cool. Ich kann mir sehr gut vorstellen, dass mit dem richtigen Preamp da ordentlich was rauszuholen wäre. Da es bei Dir aber nur um "laut machen" geht, wird auch so ein Fethead oä sicher ausreichen. Rode Procaster und Rode Podcaster.4/2018 Test lesen · Fazit lesen. Online-Ratgeber. Alle anzeigen. Groß­mem­bran­mi­kro­fone. Sie sind die universellen Mikrofone im Studioalltag. Groß­mem­bran­mi­kro­fone sind aus dem Studio nicht mehr wegzudenken.

Rode claims the Procaster is designed to offer no-compromise on performance in a broadcast environment. We believe that’s true. Despite being a dynamic microphone, the Procaster does a good job at picking up all the nuances you would often find within sensitive condenser mics, all the while keeping out overpowering background noises. I have bought a Rode Procaster & PreSonus Audiobox 22VSL XMAX preamp. XLR cable into the preamp and usb to Macbook Pro. My main reason for buying the Procaster was to drown out background noise when on conference calls. The Rode Procaster microphone promises high-quality broadcasting sound to a very competitive price. Can it hold up? Let's find if this heavy beast of a microphone can bring your audio quality to the next level! Whether you are doing voice-overs, run a podcast or wanna use it for streaming, we.

Rode Procaster, Dynamisches Großmembran-Sprechermikrofon, für Rundfunk- und Synchronstudios sowie für professionelles Podcasting, interner Popschutz und Unempfindlichkeit gegenüber HF- und anderer elektromagentischer. The world’s first fully integrated podcast production studio, RODE's RODECaster Pro delivers superb audio quality while greatly simplifying the process of podcast production. With its four Class A mic preamps, RODECaster Pro supports up to four presenters and offers easy connection to phone, USB, and Bluetooth sources. Buy Rode Procaster Broadcast Quality Dynamic Microphone featuring Tailored for Vocal Capturing, Cardioid Polar Pattern, Internal Shock Mounting, Internal Pop Filter, All Metal Construction. Review Rode Procaster.

Hallo zusammen. Ich habe nochmal eine Frage. Ist das Rode Procaster sinnvoll für Let's Plays Rode Procaster oder sollte ich doch eher zu einem anderem Mikrofon greifen, soll halt sehr gut sein, da ich dort den lauten Lüfter meines PCs nicht höre und. 2007-10-04 · The Procaster in Practice. So in theory with a broadcast dynamic microphone and its super cardoid pattern, the closer you get to the microphone, the less outside ambient noise that will be picked up. Rode suggest being no less the 2 inches away from the Procaster. I’d say this is the ideal amount. 2013-01-19 · I've worked with a lot of different microphones over the years. Condensers, dynamics and Usb versions of both. One thing I've always hated was having to adjust my preamp pick up for the environment that I want to record in. True, recording in my studio always worked great because I have it.

Did some quick testing last night, much prefer the sound of the FetHead to my focusrite built in pre amp, I'm using a Rode Procaster and it sounds much better with this, great job: Hello, I purchased a Triton Fethead a year ago. It worked GREAT with my Shure SM7B. Jen. First let. 2010-03-01 · Good preamp for RODE NT1A. Print view. All about the tools and techniques involved in capturing sound, in the studio or on location. 17 posts • Page 1 of 1. Good preamp for RODE NT1A. by Metheny » Fri Feb 19, 2010 7:10 pm. Hi people, I'm doing some recordings with a RODE NT1A, which I.

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