Replacing Tissue Expanders With Implants -

Replacing tissue expander with implant - recovery time? Just wondering how big an operation this is, and what the recovery time is? I had an appointment with my surgeon the day before I went on holiday 10 days ago and saw her registrar or whatever they call them now as she was on a course. Before the procedure, temporary tissue expanders—implantable, expandable, balloon-like devices used to stretch breast skin and chest wall muscles over several months—are used so that the breast implants can be adequately accommodated.   A tissue expander can be placed during a mastectomy or later on after you've healed.  . In general, I leave expanders once fully inflated for 3 months. The removal/replacement process, however, can vary with repect to the size of the expander to the size of the implant. If you have a large expander and a small implant going in, you may not need as long as 3 months to the skin to stretch, relax, and make more collagen and elastin.

Radiation increases the risk of complications and poor outcomes in breast reconstruction. When tissue expander and implant reconstruction is used after radiation, major complications occur in about half of patients. A major complication usually means that more surgery was needed and the implant. Sorry to beat a dead horse but I need help. CPT Assistant Aug 2005 states regarding breast reconstruction - if a surgeon is removing tissue expanders and replacing them with permanent implants, 11970 is to be used. 2017-01-09 · This video covers tissue expander to implant swap surgery from pre-surgery appointments through the reveal of what it looks like after I am able to unwrap and take a look.: We will talk about pre-surgery appointments,.

Tissue expanders are temporary implants designed to stretch tissue after a mastectomy to prepare for breast reconstruction. The expander can be placed above or below the chest muscle and can be filled with either saline or carbon dioxide depending on the type of expander used. Regardless of the type of expander used, this is a generally what. I had breast reconstruction done, and I had the tissue expander in place for three to four months. The tissue expander prepared my skin for the final outcome. My plastic surgeon planned my tissue expansion to match the volume of the implants that I selected, and the implant matched my chest wall diameter and the cup size that I requested. Your new breast may not be full-size immediately after surgery. If you have a tissue expander, you will need additional treatments to fill out the implant to your desired size. Tissue expanders and expandable breast implants have a port through which your plastic surgeon can add saline, to increase the implant's.

Expander Implant Post Mastectomy Reconstruction. Post mastectomy reconstruction with a tissue expander and implant involves a staged approach. A tissue expander is a temporary device that is placed on the chest wall deep to the pectoralis major muscle. This may be done immediately following the mastectomy, or as a delayed procedure. The most commonly performed method of breast reconstruction today uses tissue expanders and breast implants. This can be a great option for many women, but not all women are completely happy with their results, or worse yet, the reconstruction doesn’t work out because of ongoing implant-related problems.

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