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records retention and disposition schedule civil records of the civil court of the city of new york, city courts, district courts & town and village courts rev. may 2009-9-seriesrecord series title retention 70220. record of court activity including arbitration case cards. [A] Title: descriptive title of the records series. [B] Schedule Number: unique number referring to records retention schedule number assigned by the Oregon State Archives. [C] Alternate Title: another name for the same or similar records that may be used by other departments, colleges, or in the state general records retention schedule. Records Retention and Disposition Schedule. This webpage includes information on the SUNY Records Disposition schedules, as well as links to the relevant records schedules that outline the minimum retentions for SUNY State-operated and Community College records. The table notes the year in which a records series is created with corresponding disposition dates based on retention requirements. Records become eligible for disposition as of December 31st of the year indicated in the tables. Below are the most commonly used schedules. Please click on the Records Seriesto view the schedule in PDF format. Records covered by this retention schedule must be retained for the minimum retention period as specified in this schedule, regardless of format. For more information about the Freedom of Information Law and the public’s right to gain access to government records, please see the website for the Committee on Open Government.

EFFECTIVE SCHEDULE DATE: 5/6/2016 RECORD SERIES AND DESCRIPTION SERIES NUMBER SCHEDULED RETENTION PERIOD DISPOSITION METHOD Academic Progress Records 008125 0 Years after end of academic year Non-confidential Destruction. Records Management Services also maintains Artemis Records Retention and Disposition Management System. Its purpose is to provide efficiencies across State, County and Municipal agencies in addressing many of the records management functions, processes, and services offered by the division in accordance with the. Records Retention and Disposition documents are available on this website in the.pdf format. In order to view or print them, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. To download a free copy of Adobe Reader, click on the icon below. Records Retention Schedule Help. Retention Schedules tell us how long the law or administrative policy says we need to keep the various categories of records and documents we create or receive in Indiana government, and what to do with them after that.

Records Retention and Disposition Schedule 2018 UNC System-Wide Schedule-NEW UNC-Chapel Hill University Archives University Archives and Records Management Records Management Guidelines Managing Records Getting Started Transfer to Archives Digital Records Sensitive Records Information Regarding Emails. records may be destroyed or otherwise disposed of when their reference value ends. However, all public employees should be familiar with specific records retention and disposition schedules and applicable guidelines for their office and the Public Records law G.S. §132. When in doubt about whether a record. Sample Retention and Disposition Schedule for Files Which are Common to Most Ministries Note: All retention periods take effect from the date that the file is closed. Where the record is a list e.g. a paysheet, disposal takes effect after the last person on the. Retention that differs from the guidance in the Supplemental Schedule should be submitted to DORIS, for review by DORIS and the NYC Law Department. We will continue to review and update the Supplemental Retention Schedule. These updates may include the addition, modification, and/or deletion of records categories descriptions and retention periods. Contact the Office of the Public Records Administrator if you are not sure of your agency’s status or whether your agency falls under the purview of the Office of the Public Records Administrator for the retention and disposition of records. These schedules list records.

Records Retention Schedule - SUNY.

Records used during routine audits may be destroyed when the governing body accepts the audit, if the records have completed the retention period listed in this schedule. If time remains in the retention period, the records must be maintained for the remainder of the period. General Retention Schedules. If you have a record series listed as permanent, or it is historically significant, please contact the State Archives at 602 926-3720 for next steps. All University records are the property of the University regardless of their location, even when in the possession of individuals. University records may not be destroyed except in accordance with approved record retention and disposition schedules. For records not covered by the SUNY Schedule and which involve common types of State agency records for example, financial, personnel, technology, campuses must adhere to the General Retention and Disposition Schedule for New York State Government Records State Schedule. The SUNY Schedule dictates minimum retention requirements. A Records Retention and Disposition Schedule RRDS is a central feature of an effective Records & Information Management Service. The schedule is a concise, official guide for the management of agency information. It lists and describes records and prescribes mandatory retention and disposition.

Records Retention And Disposition Schedule October 31, 2019. RECORDS SERIES AUTHORIZATION NUMBER. ALL BUREAUS. Open Case Files. Open case files includes all records pertaining to any case currently in an open state within any OAG Bureau. 55,555. Non-OAG records. Retention Schedules Kansas State Records Board approved retention schedules establish the retention and disposition requirements for records generated by Kansas state and local government. Compliance with these retention schedules is mandatory for state agencies and county governments, although not for other local government such as cities or townships. Records retention schedules are a critical component of a records and information management program. In its most basic form, a records retention schedule identifies the records to be managed and communicates how long the records are to be retained.

value or retention period; its content is the key factor. Records referenced in this schedule include paper, electronic including e‐mail, and voicemail regardless of whether the record is stored in traditional containers such as file cabinets and boxes, or. Scheduling University Records. A retention and disposition schedule is a plan of action that indicates the period of time you should retain your records. Records schedules allow you to dispose of records in a timely, systematic manner by setting retention and disposal guidelines based on administrative, legal, fiscal, or research needs. Q. What is this “records retention and disposition schedule”? A. This document is a tool for the employees of county sheriff offices across the state to use when managing the records in their offices. It lists records commonly found in county sheriff offices, and gives an assessment of. The record retention and disposition schedules set forth hereunder have been adopted by the Supreme Court. This document contains guidelines and procedures for storing and archiving records, as well as the disposal of both permanent and non-permanent records. 1.2 Definitions.

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