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The radius of Earth in kilometers is 6400 km.The earth is big in 6400 km in radius above its surface. Asked in Science, Astronomy, Planetary Science Which celestial body is almost the same size as the Earths moon? Io, the moon of Jupiter. The Moon's radius is 1,737.1 kilometers. The circumference of the Earth in kilometers is 40,075 km, and the circumference of the Earth in miles is 24,901. In other words, if you could drive your car around the equator of the Earth yes, even over the oceans, you’d put on an extra 40,075 km on the odometer. It would take you almostContinue reading "Circumference of the Earth". kilometer to Earth’s equatorial radius km— measurement units conversion. The Earth's mean radius is determined as the average distance from the physical center to the surface, based on a large number of samples. The value, symbolized r earth, is equal to approximately 6,371,000 meters 6.371 x 10 6 m. This is roughly 6,371 kilometers km or 3,960 statute miles.

2017-06-11 · what is the radius of the earth, earth radius, radius of earth, what is the circumference of the earth, circumference of. size of the planets, radius of earth in meters scientific notation, earth circumference in km, calculate radius, earth orbit speed, radius calculator, size of planets, radius of jupiter, neptune radius. Earth’s volume is not in km. Kilometers is a measure of length. But Earth’s volume is approximately 1,000,000,000,000 1 trillion cubic kilometers [1]km^3. One other answer said: “Find its radius” but that won’t quite work because the Earh is n. How to Find the Radius of the Earth. The actual radius of the earth is 6,378.1 kilometers at the equator, but the radius varies because the earth is a somewhat flattened sphere. The radius is more like 6,371 kilometers at the north and south poles. References.

Earth radius at sea level is 6378.137 km 3963.191 mi at the equator. It is 6356.752 km 3949.903 mi at the poles and 6371.001 km 3958.756 mi on average. The height above sea level of the location is added. Please enter the latitude in decimal degrees, here you can convert coordinates. 2010-11-24 · This Site Might Help You. RE: The radius of Earth is 6,370,000m. Express this measurement in km in scientific notation with the correct num? A. 6.37 × 103 km. This site is maintained by the Planetary Science Communications team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Goddard Space Flight Center for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate.

Remember geometry and it is actually pretty simple to figure out. Circumference = Pi x r2. If we know that the Earth is 25,000 miles around the Equatorthen we can plug that number in and remembering that Pi is approx. 3.14 we can figure out that. Radius Around Point. You can use this tool to find the radius around a point on the map. First type in the radius required in kilometers or miles and then click on the. 2009-09-08 · The equatorial radius of the Earth is 6,378.1 km, and the the polar radius of the Earth is 6,356.8 km. Subtract those two numbers and you get 21.3 km. In other words, points on the equator are actually 21.3 km further from the center of the Earth than the poles. The crust is.

Da diese mit ca. 2.000 m gleichzusetzen ist, ergibt sich der Radius des Erdkörpers R = 6.500 km, der 2 Prozent vom heutigen Wert abweicht. Der Mathematiker Al-Biruni ermittelte im Jahr 1023 mit einem von ihm erfundenen neuen Messverfahren den Radius der Erdkugel schließlich auf 6.339,6 km. The diameter of a circle is twice the radius, giving us a diameter for Earth of 12,756 km. Note: The Earth is almost, but not quite, a perfect sphere. Its equatorial radius is 6378 km, but its polar radius is 6357 km - in other words, the Earth is slightly flattened. 2020-01-04 · Question: What is the radius of Mars in km? Characteristics of Mars. Mars is one of the 'inner' planets in our solar system. It's the fourth planet from the sun, after Mercury, Venus, and Earth. Discoverer: Unknown Discovery Date: Prehistoric Distance from Earth Minimum 10 6 km 77.3 Maximum 10 6 km 221.9 Apparent diameter from Earth Maximum seconds of arc 13. Minimum seconds of arc 4.5 Maximum visual magnitude -2.43 Mean values at inferior conjunction with Earth Distance from Earth 10 6 km 91.70 Apparent diameter seconds of arc 11.0.

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