Protein Treatment For Transitioning Hair -

If your hair is breaking off due to severe chemical damage, you'll need an intensive protein treatment to save what you can. This will probably require a salon visit, where a stylist may need to use a product like ApHogee Two-Step Protein Treatment. For at-home protein treatments, try a. Asia wants to know what's a good protein treatment for transitioning hair, she knows when she is in need of a treatment but she has a hard time finding a staple protein treatment that will work for her two different textures. Hair Tip 1 Only Apply Protein Treatment to Relaxed Hair to avoid Protein Overload. What Is A Light Protein Treatment And When Do You Need One? I suppose by now most of you are aware of the importance of protein in your hair regimens. If you are not then these articles here, here and here are essential reading for you. While transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, there are many protective hairstyles for transitioning hair such as box braids, Bantu knots, crotchet twists, faux locs, etc. The options are endless and because they last for so long there is minimal manipulation to your natural, allowing your hair to transition faster. How to wash.

What is the Best Protein Treatment for Relaxed African American Hair? Top Treatments for Black Hair in 2019 For any hair, protein treatments are an essential part of maintenance. However, there are different types of protein treatments meant for a different kind of hairs. For black hair, they are even more vital than for other. Soooo I'm 4mos post, and haven't had a protein treatment in about that long and I think it's time for another. There isn't a whole lot about protein treatments on transitioning so I thought I'd just asked instead of going through multiple websites sorting through the same info over and over again, lol.

Good Protein Treatment for Natural Hair. Protein treatments for natural hair are very worthwhile. Natural hair needs to have the right balance of oils, proteins and nutrients to support healthy roots and grow healthy hair. 2013-10-09 · One of the best lines of defense against this breakage is having a great deep conditioner, and walking the line between moisture and protein. Here are the top moisturizing and strengthening deep conditioning treatments for transitioning hair, and why they work. 10 Deep Conditioners for Transitioning. 1. Protein-based treatments help strengthen damaged hair and restore any protein lost through regular shampooing and styling. Why is protein so important for natural hair? Well, 70% of your hair consists of keratin protein, which is responsible for its strength and structure. So, when you do protein treatments you minimize the loss of your hair. Protein treatments could also be useful for color-treated and/or damaged hair. However, long-term and excessive protein treatments or leaving the products in your hair for too long may actually be detrimental and lead to breakage. Only use protein treatments as needed for your hair. “Hydrated hair is much more defined, helping the overall look of your hair as you’re transitioning,” says Clardy. She’s also a fan of DevaCurl’s Deep Sea Repair Seaweed Strengthening Mask $36. “The line of demarcation where the natural hair texture meets the straight hair is very fragile, often leading to excessive breakage.

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