Pleurisy Treatment In Homeopathy -

9 Symptoms and Treatments of Pleurisy. Pleurisy is a condition that involves inflammation of the lining of the lungs and inner chest wall. The inflammation occurs in the pleurae which are two tissue layers around the lungs, one covering the lung and the other covering the inner wall of the chest. Pleurisy or pleuritis is the inflammatory involvement of pleura. Where pleura consist of two layers visceral and parietal. Visceral pleura covers the lungs and extends into the fissures while the parietal pleura limits the mediastinum and covers the dome of the diaphragm and inner aspect of the chest wall, between these two layers there is a thin space called pleural space. Home » Homeopathy Remedies & Treatment PLEURISY, Pleural Effusion Pleurisy, also called pleuritis, is an inflammation of the pleura, which is the moist, double-layered membrane that surrounds the lungs and lines the rib cage.

Pleurisy-this is swelling of the outer layers of the pleura. Symptoms of pleurisy include pain in the chest, difficulty in breathing which gets worse by deep breathing. Homeopathic remedies can help reduce the inflammation and the pain. Mindheal homeopathy may help in the treatment of pleurisy. Common causes of pleurisy are the bacterial infection, fungal infection, lung cancer, allergy to certain medications, rib fracture, sickle cell disease, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. One must immediately seek a medical help if pain worsens. Homeopathic treatment of pleurisy. Pleurisy a symptoms of Diseases of Chest Lungs and Cough and its cure in remedies Homeopathy also called as Homoeopathy as a reference, study and knowledge. In homeopathy the selection of remedy is based upon the symptoms of the individual. As always, the aim of homeopathy is not only to treat the individual’s symptoms of pleurisy, but also his or her susceptibilities to pleurisy. In more serious, or long-standing cases of pleurisy the patient should consult a qualified homeopath. Some people prefer homeopathic treatment for pleurisy, but it is important to consult a homeopathic doctor to know more about your condition instead of self medicating. Also, keep in mind that homeopathy is still a highly debated field and studies to support or disprove the effectiveness of homeopathy.

Now, I want to reveal some home remedies for pleurisy in details, so if you are suffering from pleurisy attacks and want to deal with them naturally, keep your eyes on this article for good. I. Causes Of Pleurisy. There are some possible causes of pleurisy that you should know and then find the ways to treat these causes as soon as possible. Treatment for pleurisy depends on the underlying cause. For example, pleurisy caused by a viral infection will often resolve itself without treatment. However, pleurisy caused by a bacterial infection is usually treated with antibiotics, and people who are frail or. What homeopathic methods can help treat pleurisy? Answer. Wiki User May 01, 2011 9:15AM. Contrast hydrotherapy applied to the chest and back, along with compresses cloths soaked in an herbal solution or poultices crushed herbs applied directly to the skin of.

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