Plain Sliced White Oak -

Veneer Cuts and Matching. resulting in a highly three dimensional ray flake appearance in red and white oak. Note: Both quarter sliced and rift cut veneer are more often than not pulled from the straight grain portion of plain sliced veneer from the region of the log closest to its center. Enjoy the pale yellow color and even grains of White Oak Wood Veneer Flat Cut available at Oakwood Veneer Company. It is also known as Plain Sliced or Crown Cut Oak. Economy grade wood is good for backers, insides of cabinets, etc. Plain-Sliced White-Oak Sheets. A plain-sliced white-oak sheet, also referred to as crown-cut oak plywood, is offered here in a variety of thicknesses and dimensions for use in your woodworking projects. Contemporary White Oak Flush Door, Mix of Plain / Rift / Quarter Sliced Sketch Face Veneers, Horizontal Grain Plain Sliced Book and Balance Select White Maple Veneer Wood Flush Door Natural Birch Flush Door, Plain Sliced Book Match Veneers with Heartwood and Color Streaks.

Minimum width of veneer components is 6" for plain slice and rotary cut, 3" for rift and quarter sawn. Natural Color: Very strict limitations on size and frequency of pin knots and conspicuous burls. No mineral streaks, bark pockets, or vine marks allowed, and slight allowances for worm tracks. Wood marketed as white oak may contain other white oak species but Quercus alba is primary species. Appearance: Straight grained with a medium-coarse to coarse texture. Light tannish heartwood with narrow, nearly white sapwood. Physical Properties: Heavy, hard and strong with outstanding wear-resistance. Moderate stability in use. When buying plywood, what is the difference between rotary-cut veneer and plain sliced veneer? The plain sliced sure seems to be a lot more expensive, even for the same species. Tim Inman: This is a question that could make a whole semester’s worth of discussion. The Best White Oak Flooring. You are going to love our White Oak flooring. And the savings of up to 35% when you order direct, bypassing the middle man. Whether you’re looking for Rift Cut, Quarter Sawn, Plain Sawn or Rift and Quarter Sawn, Woodsforever has the White Oak Flooring you’re looking for. Do you require a custom order?

Oak, Red, Rotary Cut Veneer Species Guide Columbia Forest Products is proud to offer an exciting variety of hardwood and decorative softwood species of faces to meet the demand for architectural individuality in interior design applications. Masonite Plain Sliced White Oak Solid Core Wood Doors. Masonite Quarter Sliced African Mahogany Solid Core Wood Doors. Masonite Flat Cut African Mahogany Solid Core Wood Doors. Masonite Plain Sliced Walnut Solid Core Wood Doors. Mohawk Plain Sliced Red Oak Solid Core Wood Doors. Plain Sliced vs Quarter Sawn vs Rift Cut White Oak. Whats the Difference? With the current popularity of White Oak a common question we get is regarding the difference between plain sliced and quarter sawn white oak. American made 3/4" White Oak plywood is Good 2 Sides G2S, grade A-1, is plain sliced, and has a 7-ply veneer core.

In some specie, principally oak, quarter slicing produces a unique "flake" pattern that is created as the knife bisects radial tubules in the log structure called medullary rays. PLAIN SLICING. Plain Sliced or flat sliced veneers are made by sawing the log parallel to the center or cut line. Plain Sliced White Oak Veneer $ 33.33 – $ 181.30. Wood Veneer Description: Product is available in four backing options and up to seven size options depending on the backing option selected. The backing options are 10 Mil Paper Back, 2 Ply Wood on Wood, Phenolic/Laminate and Peel & Stick. Flat Cut or Plain Sliced. Half the log is mounted on a large steel rack which moves up and down through a fixed knife. After a series of vertical, parallel cuts it produces consecutive leaves of veneer with the standard appearance of veneer.

Depending on the species you’re looking at, there are up to 4 possible veneer cuts available. For all wood species, you can select from Plain Sliced Flat cut, Quarter Sliced, or Rotary Cut. If you’re looking at Red or White Oak as your species, then you can also select from Rift Cut or Comb Grain. Plain Sliced Red Oak Plain Sliced White Ash Plain Sliced Cherry Plain Sliced Walnut. All 48 x 96 sheets. Brookline & Braewood Veneers Quartered Zebrawood Quartered Macasar Ebony Quartered Wenge Rift White Oak Brookline only All 48 x 96 sheets Click Here for Full Line. Many other. Plain Sliced Book Matched Face 1-3/4″ Thick. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Plain Sliced Red Oak Plain Sliced White Ash Plain Sliced Cherry Plain Sliced Walnut. All 48 x 96 sheets. Brookline & Braewood Veneers Quartered Zebrawood Quartered Macasar Ebony Quartered Wenge Rift White Oak Brookline only All 48 x 96 sheets Click Here for Full Line. Many other species.

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