Paypal Ceo Email -

PayPal promised to file a dispute case and get back to me. A few days later, I received an email from PayPal ruling in the favor of the seller. For weeks, I continued my complaint with both eBay and PayPal. I spoke twice to two supervisors to solve the problem, to no avail. EBay is claiming there is nothing they can do once PayPal have denied. You can contact Paypal headquarters by mail, but no phone number or email contact is listed on the corporate side of the website for Paypal headquarters. We did find the phone number for Paypal headquarters on a third-party website. You can use the contact form after logging in to your account to contact the customer service department.

What are the fees for PayPal accounts? How do I change the name on my PayPal account? How do I link a bank account to my PayPal account? How do I link a debit or credit card to my PayPal account? How do I request a refund? What is a chargeback, and why did I get one? Why is my payment on hold or unavailable? How do I confirm my email address? Email PayPal customer service help at this email address for the fastest reply. Click to indicate what problem you are emailing about and we can share our best customer recommended talking points to include in your email so you get a faster reply and better results. How to contact CEO of Paypal? Clangerette Posts: 856. Forum Member 04/11/14 - 15:17 in General Discussion 1. Hi Does anybody know the name and email/postal address of the CEO of Paypal's UK side? Or any other head honcho??! 0. Comments. TrollHunter Posts: 12,496.

Ever PayPal email and everyone I talk to asks for the tracking. Every email and every conversation ignores my doXXXXents and previous conversations. No one a PayPal reads the record to see there is no tracking number. PayPal dismisses my dispute because I have. PayPal's success in users and volumes was the product of a three-phase strategy described by former eBay CEO Meg Whitman: "First, PayPal focused on expanding its service among eBay users in the US. Second, we began expanding PayPal to eBay's international sites. PayPal Inc CEO Email address contact and Telephone number. Hi Istvan, PayPal email customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will always make our best effort to reply to your email within 24 hours. Here’s how to contact us: Log in to your PayPal account at paypal.; Click the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the page.

Mail/wire fraud is a federal crime and your buyers should not. actually pay my totally inflated Ebay fees. You guys DO NOT KNOW how to run a business. Obviously, You can blame the PayPal split, but I blame the CEO at Ebay and all his. Address for letter of complaint to eBay CEO in reply to brbliquidation Mar 21, 2017 9. Solved: I need the email address for Ebay CEO office, where can it be found?

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