Papular Mycosis Fungoides -

Mycosis fungoides, also known as Alibert-Bazin syndrome or granuloma fungoides, is the most common form of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. It generally affects the skin, but may progress internally over time. Symptoms include rash, tumors, skin lesions, and itchy skin. Background: Mycosis fungoides MF is the most common type of cutaneous T‐cell lymphoma. In early stages of the disease many different clinicopathologic variants have been observed. Currently, a papular variant of MF which is characterized by a good prognosis has been described. Papular mycosis fungoides PMF is a primary cutaneous T-cell lymphoma and a special subtype of mycosis fungoides MF. Long-term skin papules are typical clinical manifestations and are generally neither painful nor itching.

BACKGROUND: Mycosis fungoides MF is the most common type of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. A new form of incipient MF has recently been described: papular MF. Herein, we report a case and propose a literature review. PATIENTS AND METHODS: A 63-year-old man presented with erythematous and non-pruritic papular lesions of the trunk. Recent reports of 10 patients have proposed a papular variant of mycosis fungoides MF, characterized by the appearance of papules in the absence of patches and the presence of histopathologic features of classic patch/plaque stage MF.

Papular mycosis fungoides PMF is a rare variant of mycosis fungoides MF. The exact nosology and prognosis of PMF are still unclear. We retrospectively identified cases of PMF from the files of the Department of Dermatology of the Medical University of Graz, Austria, and checked the follow-up data. Generalized papular xanthomatosis in mycosis fungoides Beverly S. Darwin, MD,a Arlene J. Herzberg, MD,b' John C. Murray, MD,a and Elise A. Olsen, MD~ Durham, North Carolina Xanthomas can occur in association with underlying lymphoproliferative disease, or they can result from lipid deposition in damaged or altered skin. Commentary about papular mycosis fungoides, lymphomatoid papulosis and lymphomatoid pityriasis lichenoides: More similarities than differences. Papular Mycosis Fungoides: A Case Report and Review in the Literature Ilknur Balta, Gulfer Akbay, 1 Meral Eksioglu, 1 Muzeyyen Astarcı, 2 and Ozlem Ekiz 3 Ilknur Balta. Introduction. Mycosis fungoides MF, the most common cutaneous T-cell lymphoma CTCL and often referred to by the latter term, is characterized by clonal proliferation of skin homing mature T cells, mostly CD4 positive, with special predilection for involving the epidermis.

Papular MF debuts clinically as a chronic papular eruption, without manifesting the conventional features of MF, which over time might tend to develop recurrent lesions. 4 Papular MF affects women and men equally between the ages of 27 and 61 years, with an average age at onset of 48.6 years. Core tip: Mycosis fungoides presenting with papules as the only clinical manifestation is a rare variant of the disease. To date only 16 cases of papular mycosis fungoides have been described in the literature and none had CD30 cells. We report 6 additional cases, 5 with 1%-20% CD30 cells. 2016-09-14 · Mycosis fungoides usually develops slowly and moves through four phases. But not everyone goes through all of them: First phase: a scaly red rash, usually in areas that don't get sunlight such as your rear end. There are no other symptoms in this phase, and it may last months or even years. Mycosis Fungoides Mycosis fungoides is the most common type of cutaneous lymphoma, representing almost 50% of all lymphomas arising primarily in the skin [1–3]. It is defined as a tumor composed of small/medium-sized, epidermotropic T-helper lymphocytes but T-cytotoxic variants are not uncommon and tumor cells may be medium/large in advanced.

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