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Diamond Cut Grade. The Cut Grade of a diamond directly impacts its beauty; if a diamond is designed, cut, and finished properly, it will have a much more desirable appearance, even when compared to diamonds of higher color and clarity grades. 2013-12-20 · Most consumers in today’s marketplace choose round brilliant-cut diamonds fashioned to meet modern concepts of beauty. These sparkling gems represent the collective talents of generations of skilled cutters over more than six centuries. As diamond cuts evolved into today’s 57- or 58-facet round. Another reason for the higher price point of the round brilliant cut is the cutting process: round cuts tend to produce a greater loss of the original rough stone than any other shape. In a similar way, due to its popularity for its modern look, the princess cut diamond is the among the most expensive cuts. A princess-cut diamond is a square diamond that features 76 facets, giving it more sparkle and brilliance than emerald or pear-shaped cuts. A princess cut requires great care when setting it into the ring so as not to damage the diamond, making it one of the most expensive cuts around. A brilliant is a diamond or other gemstone cut in a particular form with numerous facets so as to have exceptional brilliance. The shape resembles that of a cone and provides maximized light return through the top of the diamond.

The more facets a diamond has, the more reflective surfaces there are to bounce and scatter light. A round brilliant cut diamond with its 57 or 58 facets will appear to have more sparkle than a single-cut diamond with only 17 or 18 facets. Learn how to pick a round brilliant diamond engagement ring. A true hearts and arrows. The Brilliant 10 diamond is polished to perfect proportion and symmetry to reveal a perfect 10 arrow star and 10 heart pattern. Up to 25% more brilliant than round brilliant cut diamonds, the Brilliant 10 is the perfect choice for the diamond connoisseur. And of all the diamond 4Cs, it is the most complex and technically difficult to analyze. To determine the cut grade of the standard round brilliant diamond – the shape that dominates the majority of diamond jewelry – GIA calculates the proportions of those facets that influence the diamond. Born from a dream to create the world’s most brilliant diamond cut, the Brilliant 10 diamond features 71 facets precisely aligned – in perfect proportion and symmetry - for the ultimate display of fire, brilliance and scintillation. This is a world first in the diamond industry.

In fact, a well cut diamond will reflect more light and appear larger than it actually is. It can also make the face-up color look brighter, and at the same time, mask or camouflage inclusions. This is because a well cut diamond has greater brilliance, fire, and scintillation that can easily conceal flaws. Where to Find Ideal Cut Diamonds. A high-quality cut is the hardest of the 4C's to find. Only about 3% of the world's diamonds are ideal cut, simply because most diamonds are not cut for beauty and maximum brilliance. If you're buying from a jeweler, be very careful if they claim the diamond is ideal-cut.

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