Medial Meniscus Lateral Meniscus -

lat·er·al me·nis·cus [TA] crescentic intraarticular cartilage of the knee joint attached to the lateral border of the upper articular surface of the tibia, occupying the space surrounding the contacting surfaces of the femur and tibia. Synonyms: meniscus lateralis [TA], external semilunar fibrocartilage lat·er·al me·nis·cus lat'ĕr. The knee meniscus is fibrocartilage that separates the femur from the tibia. We commonly refer it to as cartilage. The knee meniscus has a wedged kidney shape. Each knee joint possesses a medial meniscus and a lateral meniscus. The medial meniscus is an important shock absorber on the medial aspect of the knee joint. It []. 2016-11-29 · The lateral meniscus covers about 70% of the lateral tibial plateau. The medial meniscus is “C” shaped and covers about 50% of the medial tibial plateau. The lateral meniscus has less peripheral soft tissue attachment, therefore it has twice the excursion of the medial meniscus lateral meniscus. 2019-10-20 · We performed arthroscopic partial meniscectomy for the torn medial discoid meniscus but not for the asymptomatic lateral discoid meniscus. The latest follow-up at 18 months indicated satisfactory results. CONCLUSION: We report a rare case of ipsilateral medial and lateral discoid meniscus with medial meniscus tear.

Lateral Meniscus Tears Explained. The knee joint has two crescent-shaped cartilage menisci, which are located on the inside medial and outside lateral edges of the top of the tibia or shin bone, which is known as the tibial plateau. The menisci act as shock absorbents for the knee as well as providing support and stability for the joint. The medial meniscus is a fibrocartilage semicircular band that spans the knee joint medially, located between the medial condyle of the femur and the medial condyle of the tibia. It is also referred to as the internal semilunar fibrocartilage. The medial meniscus has more of a crescent shape while the lateral meniscus is more circular. 2015-10-21 · There have been many studies on medial meniscus root tears, particularly on the relationship of the tear with medial femorotibial osteoarthritis through meniscus extrusion [2, 6–10]. In addition, some studies have investigated the relationship of lateral meniscus root tears with anterior cruciate ligament tears [11–15]. 2015-04-06 · The lateral meniscus is attached to the shin and is located on the outer side of the knee. This C-shaped, rubbery, cartilage plays a key role in maintaining stability of the knee. The lateral meniscus absorbs shocks, protecting the joint. The medial and lateral menisci are two C-shaped fibrocartilages that act as proprioceptive sensors for knee motion and as shock absorbers to cushion the articular cartilages of the femur and tibia Fig. 6.19. Meniscus tears are among the most frequently encountered knee injury and age-related problems in orthopedic practice.

The lateral meniscus external semilunar fibrocartilage is a fibrocartilaginous band that spans the lateral side of the interior of the knee joint. It is one of two menisci of the knee, the other being the medial meniscus. It is nearly circular and covers a larger portion of the articular surface than the medial. Its capsular attachments are much looser than those on the medial side, and in the sagittal projection the posterior body and anterior body are symmetric, unlike the medial meniscus. 1. The anterior horn of the lateral meniscus is quite variable in its height and overall length.

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