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2017-11-13 · 【Travel Hokkaido】樽前山登山 DJI Osmo Pocket を登山で使ってみた 1080p60fps tried using DJI Osmo Pocket for climbing - Duration: 19:46. Kubota senju is the flagship sake in the Kubota range of sakes. The Kubota name started as a sake shop selling sake in the local area and quickly grew. It is Made with a water regarded as precious sourced from a local shrine. The koji rice is polished to 50% and the fresh rice used in the mash to 55%. Drink chilled, warm or hot. Ingredients. Tasting Notes: Aiming for a Sake that can be enjoyed with a meal, Kubota Senju boasts a modest bouquet and a timeless flavor that one does not tire of drinking. Velvety mouthfeel and excellent chilled, but this Ginjo is quite amicable to being enjoyed warmed as well. 2019-11-14 · Kubota is a brand that never disappoints and their Senju does them proud. The nose and first tastes hint at light orange peel with just a twinge of citrus. The overall palate is dry and clean. This Sake works well with food and is less of a stand-alone sipping sake.

1 l = 97,08 € Kubota Manju Sake. Junmai Dai Ginjo Sake aus Japan. Weich, rund, elegant und sauber mit einem schnellen Abgang. Klasse: Junmai Dai Ginjo. 1 l = 31,92 € Kubota Senju Sake. Der Kubota Senju ist ein Sake aus Japan. Dieser Honjozo ist etwas trocken und vollmundig mit einen weichen Aroma. 2019-05-03 · Asahi Shuzo Kubota Senju Ginjo Sake, 300 ml. Delivery to England, Wales, and Parts of Scotland only. Collection only available from Park Royal. May require ID check before dispatch. £14.00. Add to basket. A gentle, easy to enjoy quality sake. Kubota Senju is ideal to accompany food without interfering too much with dishes. His nose is discreet, and has a silky mouth; it is easy to drink and very pleasant. This is not a Junmai because it received distilled alcohol after fermentation, which gives it a right and neat character. KUBOTA is a sake brand of ASAHI-SHUZO SAKE BREWING CO.,LTD. We produce our sake in Niigata Prefecture which is known as one of Japan's best-rice-growing regions. Here we introduce stores and a wide variety of sake, including ginjo-shu, junmai-shu, honjozo-shu and futsu-shu.

Kubota Senju est idéal pour accompagner facilement sans interférer trop avec les plats. Son nez est discret, sa bouche soyeuse; il est facile à boire et très plaisant. Ce n'est pas un junmaï car il a reçu de l'alcool distillé en fin de fermentation, ce qui lui confère un caractère droit et net, un saké passe-partout. 株式会社 酒のかどや 〒958-0867 新潟県村上市大欠3番1号 TEL:0254-53-4002 FAX:0254-53-5306 Mail:info@.

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