Kidney Pain After Flu -

Some also experience flu back pain. This pain can be severe, and some are worried that it could indicate a serious medical condition. Back pain, even when severe, is a normal symptom of the flu virus. A number of things may contribute to back pain when you have the flu. When a person gets the flu, natural chemicals are released in the body to help it fight off the infection. Muscle aches and pain are produced by this immune response to fighting hard against illness. While it may not feel like it, body aches are good sign because your body is doing what it is supposed to do to help you get better. How long should your kidneys hurt after passing a kidney stone? I get a sharp pain on my right side around my kidney after a bowl movment and i feel a dull pain several hours after that? Flu affect kidney function. Is salt bad for your kidneys? what type of foods help with healthy kidney function? Can xanax and alcohol damage kidneys?

At some points I had a hard time even walking around, but only had dull back pain. I thought I had the flu at first, but after two days of it, a racing heart beat, and severe shakes, I went to the hospital and ended up being put on IVS, pumped with potassium, and antibiotics for a severe kidney infections. Flu symptoms. Also known as influenza, the flu is a nasty virus that is often accompanied by a series of unpleasant symptoms, including full-body aches and pains, nausea, fever, headaches, sore throat, fatigue, dry cough, runny nose and other symptoms of sinusitis, and back pain. 2019-06-03 · If your flu symptoms worsen or do not subside after two weeks, contact your doctor. A yearly flu vaccine is the best preventive measure for people at high risk of flu-related complications. Good hygiene, regular hand-washing, and avoiding or limiting contact with infected people can also help prevent the spread of the flu. 2019-10-02 · Viral gastroenteritis is an infection of your intestines that typically causes watery diarrhea, pain or cramping in your abdomen, nausea or vomiting, and sometimes fever. People commonly call viral gastroenteritis “stomach flu,” but the term is not medically correct. Flu viruses do not cause. 2019-12-31 · Typically, kidney flank pain will present more severely on one side of the body. Sudden and chronic flank pain may be caused by a serious medical condition i.e., UTI or a kidney infection. If severe flank pain occurs suddenly it can also be the result of painful kidney stones or another kidney.

The excruciating pain, that you experience in the middle or lower back, is actually kidney pain. Kidney disease, kidney stone and infection are the prominent causes of it. Here is information on the causes, symptoms and treatment of it. The pain may be a sign of infection, a kidney stone or something else completely. What is kidney pain? Kidney pain, or renal pain, is usually felt in your back under the ribs, to the right or left of the spine. It can spread to other areas, like the sides, abdomen or groin. What causes kidney pain?

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