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An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Season Episodes Original UK air dates Season premiere Season finale Pilot Episode: 1 2nd January 2012 - Season 1: 4 14th April 2013 5th May 2013 Season 2: 4 30th March 2014 20th April 2014 Season 3: 4 3rd January 2016 23rd January 2016 Season 4: 4 8th January 2017 29th January 2017 Season 5: 6 4th February 2018 11th March 2018 Season 6: 4 10th. “And one was fond of me and all are slain,” according to Max DeBryn in episode 4.1. “Love and fishing. Sooner or later it all comes down to the same thing. The one that got away.” Perhaps that’s the theme of Series 4. Although she hasn’t featured in the first two episodes, Joan Thursday. 2018-04-30 · We Will Once Again Be Dragged Through the Morse-Joan Thursday Storyline. Right after the final scene of the final episode of series five, when Morse asked Joan Thursday Sara Vickers for the coffee that he said no to earlier in the series, viewers went to Morse superfan sites to discuss.

The burglary isn't a message. It's just an excuse for Morse's possessions to be in the station, so Thursday sees a photo of Joan with her new address on the back. Dear old dad drives out to Leamington Spa, but unlike Morse, Thursday guesses immediately that Joan isn't paying for this flat on some boutique salary. 2018-03-04 · Sara, who grew up in Edinburgh, plays Joan Thursday in Endeavour. She has also starred in TV shows such as The Crown, Man Down, and Taggart. She moved to London from Edinburgh to train at RADA Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, graduating in 2010. Sara starred in the play Judgement Day at The Print Room Theatre, London, in 2011.

PBS for Endeavour. CBS for Seal Team, etc. Even though you can buy Series/Season 6 on what's probably a Region-Specific DVD and even though ALL 4 EPISODES from S/6 have already aired in the UK => US Season 6: E1 only aired for the 1st time last Sunday the 16th of June. So, this means that you'll get E2 of 4 total on NEXT MONDAY and so on. I am very happy that Colin Dexter gave it his blessing. The only quibble I have about this series is that I hate what they have done to the Thursday family - having Joan go away and ignore her lovely parents for all this time. I want to throttle her. It was great to see Nurse Hicks again in episode 3 of Season 4

'Endeavour' Season 4 Finale Recap"Harvest".

2018-07-16 · Will they or won’t they? Shaun Evans and Sara Vickers of Endeavour discuss Morse and Joan’s relationship. Note: contains Season 5, Episode 3 spoilers. ‎It’s 1969, and things have taken a darker turn for the old Cowley team. With Endeavour, Thursday, and the gang now scattered across Oxfordshire, it takes a series of brutal crimes to reunite them. Now joined by former adversary DCI Ronnie Box and his sidekick DS Alan Jago, the gang must battle crime. DAMIAN: There was another tender moment that I loved at the bus stop when Sam and Thursday say their goodbyes as he leaves for the army although it was a very quiet and restrained send-off with so much that seemed left unsaid. I asked Russ about this and why Thursday couldn’t have given Sam a hug to which he replied, well, it was the sixties. Follow/Fav Season Five - Endeavour Morse & Joan Thursday. By: CBGB's. At the end of season 4, Endeavour & Miss Thursday are struggling with what they mean to each other. Miss Thursday is spiraling out of control, sparked by a near miss with death, flight from Oxford, & questionable life choices. Unge kommissarie Morse originaltitel: Endeavour är en brittisk kriminalserie som började produceras 2012. I rollerna ses bland andra Shaun Evans och Roger Allam, och serien handlar om mord som begås i Oxford i England.

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2019-02-24 · ITV will air episode three of Endeavour this evening Sunday, February 24 at 8pm. Endeavour 2019 consists of four, two-hour long episodes. Shaun Evans plays a young version of the legendary Inspector Morse, who is becoming more world-weary as he faces new challenges following the dissolution of the. 2017-08-08 · Episode 4: “Harvest” airs Sunday, Sept. 10 at 9 p.m. - The extraordinary discovery of a 2,000-year-old body reveals a new lead in a missing person case. Endeavour and Thursday must investigate the eerie village of Bramford, where nature is pitted against man. ‎At 80, Joan takes the idea of a 'bucket list' to a new high. From an unforgettable sex tape to a cheating scandal, nothing is off limits this season. Melissa juggles betrayal and her celeb mom on the loose. In Endeavour, Season 6, Shaun Evans sports a new look as DS Endeavour Morse. The latest installment of Endeavour is set in 1969. Evans will also be putting his directorial mark on the show, heading behind the camera for the second 90-minute episode of the season. Joan P. Holloway was the office manager at Sterling Cooper advertising agency. She is one of the Junior Partners at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. She was born on February 24, 1931. "Flight 1" Little of Joan's early life is mentioned within the series. Its not until Season 5, we learn that Joan.

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