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Delete the Account Locally. The first step in this process is to remove the Microsoft account from your local machine. To do this, start by entering your Settings, and clicking into the “Accounts” section. Once here, you can find the option to remove the Microsoft account at the bottom of the “Your account” tab, highlighted here. 2019-08-19 · Skype accounts must be associated with a Microsoft account before they can be closed. Follow the previous steps to close an account, and sign in with your Skype account. You are prompted to add an email address to create a Microsoft account. Make sure to use an email address that isn't already associated with a Microsoft account. Remove a Microsoft Account from Your Windows 10 PC. You can perform the action through different methods, of all you will find here. Just go through each step we have given under every method and then, you can decide which one to stick to. Method 1: Using Windows 10 Settings. 2019-02-17 · If you no longer want to use Microsoft Account to login to your computer, you can remove Microsoft Account from Windows 10 PC by using two different methods as provided below. Remove Microsoft Account from Windows 10 PC You can Login to Windows computer using either Microsoft Account Email ID or a.

2019-06-14 · An existing Microsoft account on a Windows 10 computer can simply be converted into a local user account. This is the ideal course of action for Windows 10 users with just one Microsoft account on their computers or users who want to remove their Microsoft account from within the Microsoft account itself. 2019-03-22 · Microsoft Account is an email address and password which could be used to sign in your Windows 10 PC. If you no longer want to use a Microsoft account with Windows, you can either switch back to a local account or remove it from Windows sign. 2017-08-10 · Sign out of the Microsoft account you want to delete, sign in using the local account you created, and then remove the account you want to delete. To remove a Microsoft account from your Windows 10 PC: Click the Start button, and then click Settings. Click Accounts, scroll down, and then click the Microsoft account you would like to delete.

Remove Microsoft Account from Windows 10 Method 1-Click on settings on the start menu; Go to accounts and click on sign in options. click on “your Info” and select ‘sign in with a local account.</plaintext> Removing an email account from Outlook doesn't deactivate the email account. If you want to deactivate your account, talk to your email account provider. Once you delete an account from Outlook, you'll no longer be able to send and receive mail from that account in Outlook. These instructions are for Outlook 2016, 2013, and 2010 only. When you sign into Windows 8 or 10 using your Microsoft account and other Microsoft devices, like an Xbox, those devices become associated with your account. If you want to remove an old device you’ve gotten rid of, you’ll have to pay a visit to Microsoft’s account web site.</p> <p>Microsoft won’t let you delete one of its product accounts and continue using other. All the data associated with the Microsoft account will be lost. Your account will be logged out of the Windows account. 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