Heavy Duty 3 Point Dethatcher - davidorlic.com

This 3 point tractor dethatcher rake is great for use in dethatching grass, horse arenas, driveways, pre-seeding, raking leaves and sticks, dethatching pastures for better grass growth, planting and dethatching food plots, or to help level off trails or loose dirt. You no longer need to take wide turns to make sure your pull-behind dethatcher tongue clears, this 3-point beauty mounts tight and turns with you. This ultra rugged 3-point tractor dethatcher rake is the ideal tool for dethatching grass in your yard, pastures, food plots, basically anywhere.

The tines run straight, all the way down to eliminate bending at the bottom while turning or backing up,the tines stay engaged in the grass. This CMP heavy duty Z-Turn front mount dethatcher is built with 3/16" plate steel and 11GA main frame tubing. The front yoke bearings are 3/4" x 3" needle bearings. This CMP Attachments heavy duty Zero-Turn front mount dethatcher is built with 3/16" steel and 11GA main frame tubing. This front mount mower dethatcher rake is great for use in dethatching grass to let your lawn breath. Maximize the health of the turf you care for by removing the thick thatch buildup that prevents air, light, and water from reaching the root zone of that turf. Use a Ryan Power Rake or Dethatcher to remove thatch and break up aeration cores. JRCO Inc manufacturers high quality innovative attachments for the outdoor power equipment industry, increasing productivity by saving both time and labor. 463-60HD JRCO Heavy Duty Tine Rake Dethatcher for Lawn & Garden Tractor. Heavy Duty 3" wide tires on this dethatcher! SKU: 463-60HD. Manufacturer: Jrco. Be the first to review this product. $718.29 Qty: Heavy Duty 60" Tine Rake Dethatcher 3" wide heavy duty tires. This series of rake is designed to fit the following tractors: Simplicity.

CMP Dethatcher Tine. CMP-DT-14. 3-Point Hitch Dethatcher. Learn more. Z-Turn Dethatcher Heavy Duty. Learn more. Get in Touch! About our Company. Machovec is a small business dedicated to providing quality gear to help protect those protecting us. We are proud a. No longer is your zero turn mower confined to using a pull behind dethatcher designed for a lawn tractor or ATV. With this CMP Attachments front mount dethatcher you aren't required to take wide turns to avoid damaging the hitch and toung of a pull behind dethatcher. This Zero-Turn dethatcher. Heavy-Duty Tractor HP range: 50–100 hp Models RB750 7-foot RB850 8-foot Tractor HP range: 80 –150 hp Model RB990 9-foot RB1010 10-foot Three-point hitch: Cat 2 and 3 Seventeen-inch-high, reinforced moldboard Optional end plates, skid shoes, and tailwheel Convenient parking stand RB850 Three-point hitch: Cat 2 and 3 Available as fully hydraulic.

Available with Category I or II, 3-point hitch or as a pull type. Features fill and drain plug and weight rack for additional penetration if required. Welded spikes instead of round pegs allow more aggressive penetration causing better water absorption and provides loose soil for reseeding. AR-30T: AR-60T.

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