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PewDiePie addressed h3h3 stuff earlier on his PUBG stream. it's the same thing as the pewdiepie nazi controversy: people ignore context just is that they can push a narrative that falls apart when context is introduced. I don't see any inconsistencies in Ethan's view. Ethan Klein and Hila Klein make comedy videos together. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, mostly known as PewDiePie, is a Swedish comedy formerly gaming, though he still does it often YouTuber, and has the most subscribed channel on YouTube excluding YouTube's channels such as Music, Gaming, etc. He is a good friend of Ethan and Hila. H3H3's Ethan Klein is taking issue with PewDiePie's video calling out Better Help, which features a clip from one of Ethan's own uploads.

h3h3Productions often shortened to h3h3 or simply h3, due to their initials is a YouTube channel produced by husband and wife duo Ethan Klein born June 25, 1985 and Hila Klein, née Hakmon; born December 12, 1987. Welcome to the h3h3 Wiki. This wiki is about Ethan's glorious fupa and all the wonderful Hila Kleiners. It's also about the goofs, the gaffs, the laughs, the spoofs, the boofs, the romps and the riots.

When I go watch a pewdiepie's video, I expect to see a humorous act that will make me laugh & entertain me for the whole video, I don't believe that the guy going outside naked screaming and grunting is his real persona and neither do his fans. Well it all started when Pewdiepie got in truble for that nazi thing Wallstreet Journal called him that and tried to make him look like he was anti semitic. Ethan backed up Felix Pewds, saying that all was drawn out of context and basically sideing with him in this debate Like everybody else. h3h3 Social Facebook Twitter Instagram Support h3h3! Official Site Official MerchH3H3 Shop Ideas of Things to Post Your Fan Suggestions Here New h3h3 Videos Community-Made Videos h3h3-Related Goofs, Gafs, and Laffs Subreddit Stuff Rules - Please Check Before Posting H3H3 Subreddit FAQ - Podcast, Mail & New Merch Info Official Subreddit. I don't know how pewdiepie thinks. I know how I think and if I was caught up in that I'd try real hard to play nice with just about everyone including H3H3 even if I felt their was injustice in the commentary. For that reason I don't think that is an adequate defense for. h3h3 Lost All Respect $25.99 h3h3 Matter of Law.

2018-01-18 · In recent weeks, creators like PewDiePie, H3H3’s Ethan Klein and Twitch’s Lirik have talked about the challenges they face because of mental health issues and burnout. Trying to produce daily content while also balancing anxiety and depression was difficult, they said in videos and on Twitter. Is YouTube Killing Pewdiepie and H3H3.and Everyone? is the 160th episode of Game Theory, hosted by Matthew Patrick on The Game Theorists. It was released on December 10, 2016. It's the most wonderful time of year again when I break into the Holiday Meta Theories! Yes, Virginia, there is a. One of the problems with his hypothesis that it is based on daily active users is that if that was the case PewDiePie wouldn't be having problems, since he uploads daily, but MatPat also claimed that videos now had less time than before to accumulate views and its all about new videos, but pewdiepie observed directly on his own channel that his. H3H3 has collaborated with YouTubers including iDubbz, Filthy Frank, and PewDiePie. Ethan and Hila. Both Ethan and Hila star in the videos on their second channel, which has over 2 million subscribers. This channel is similar to H3H3 Productions in its general style.

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