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2015-06-24 · Great Salt Lake: Experience the Salt Lake desert - See 926 traveler reviews, 583 candid photos, and great deals for Salt Lake City, UT, at TripAdvisor. 2018-06-20 · The Great Salt Lake and its islands provide outstanding scenery and recreational opportunities in northern Utah. Sunsets over the lake can be breathtaking. Amazing red, orange, lavender and magenta hues slowly dissolve in the evening sky. The lake's turquoise waters attract sailors, its. West Desert Basin. The Great Salt Lake Desert Basin is a vast desert area of over 18,000 square miles that expands south, west, and north of the Great Salt Lake. The basin is the most arid region of the state of Utah, with a limited number of perennial streams.

2013-08-25 · The Great Salt Lake Desert is a large dry lake in northern Utah between the Great Salt Lake and the Nevada border which is noted for white evaporite Lake Bonneville salt deposits. Several small mountain ranges crisscross through and along the edges of the desert. 2008-03-20 · All searches I have done show me the Great Salt Lake and Desert in Utah. If anyone has a map of it or the coordinates please let me know. The Great Salt Lake Desert experiences a desert climate with hot summers and cold winters. The desert is an excellent example of a cold desert climate. The desert's elevation, 4,250 feet above sea level, makes temperatures cooler than lower elevation deserts, such as the Mojave. Looking at a map of northern Utah, you are struck by the large body of water north of Salt Lake City extending 75 miles northward towards the Utah-Idaho border and 40 miles wide straddling the Wasatch Front and the west desert. The Great Salt Lake is the most prominent feature, covering about 2,122 square miles and containing up to 28 million.

Kavīr Desert, Persian Dasht-e Kavīr, also spelled Dasht-i Kavīr, great salt desert of north-central Iran. Located in a basin southeast of the Elburz Mountains, it is approximately 240 miles 390 km wide. Great Salt Desert synonyms, Great Salt Desert pronunciation, Great Salt Desert translation, English dictionary definition of Great Salt Desert. n. a salt desert in N central Iran. ab. 18,000 sq. mi. At Wendover on the Nevada/Utah border, interstate 80 rounds a small range of hills and passes over a low summit revealing an immense expense of whiteness - the Great Salt Lake Desert, across which the twin carriageways forge ahead, completely straight for over 50 miles to the horizon. Hotels. Salt Lake Desert and the Great Salt Lake, Utah.

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