Graphical Password To Avoid Shoulder Surfing -

main claim of resisting shoulder-surfing is proven false [23]. In this paper, we introduce a new graphical password scheme which provides a good resistance to shoulder-surfing and preserves a desirable usability. Our inspiration comes from two representative graphical password schemes: DAS [7] and Story [9]. DAS allows users. Since conventional password schemes are vulnerable to shoulder surfing, many shoulder surfing resistant graphical password schemes have been proposed. However, as most users are more familiar with textual passwords than pure graphical passwords, text-based graphical password.

But because of graphic nature, nearly all the graphical password techniques are vulnerable to shoulder surfing attack. So here, a new graphical password authentication technique is proposed which is resistant to shoulder surfing and also other types of possible attacks to some extent. It is a combination of recognition and recall based approach. To overcome this shoulder surfing problem, we implement a new idea when we move our mouse over the password selection area, then the mouse pointer becomes small dot point and another method is to rearrange the images randomly in the password selection that shoulder surfing problem can be reduced. Advantage of Graphical Password over. LocPass: A Graphical Password Method to Prevent Shoulder-Surfing Lip Yee Por 1, Lateef Adekunle Adebimpe 1,2, Mohd Yamani Idna Idris 1, Chee Siong Khaw 1 and Chin Soon Ku 3. According to [5], WYSWYE is able to prevent sh oulder-surfing attack because attackers who are. password authentication schemes have no shoulder surfing resistance, Zhao et al. [10], in 2007, proposed a text-based shoulder surfing resistant graphical password scheme, S3PAS, in which the user has to find his textual password and then follow special rule to mix his textual password to get a session password to login the system.

Abstract: Graphical passwords have been proposed as an alternative to alphanumeric passwords with their advantages in usability and security. However, most of these alternate schemes have their own disadvantages. For example, cued-recall graphical password schemes are vulnerable to shoulder-surfing and cannot prevent intersection analysis attack. Graphical password: prevent shoulder-surfing attack using digraph substitution rules. Lip Yee POR, Chin Soon KU 1, 2, Amanul ISLAM 1, Tan Fong ANG 1: 1. Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur 50603, Malaysia 2.

Text based Graphical Password System to Obscure Shoulder Surfing. ABSTRACT: Traditional text based password schemes are subjected to dictionary attacks on a very large scale. As a solution, graphical password schemes are a promising alternative to text-based recognition schemes where instead of text, images are chosen for a password. 2014-02-04 · Traditionally, picture-based password systems employ password objects pictures/icons/symbols as input during an authentication session, thus making them vulnerable to “shoulder-surfing” attack because the visual interface by function is easily observed by others. Recent software-based approaches attempt to minimize this. Scheme, Textual Password Scheme and text based shoulder surfing resistant graphical password Scheme, the Improved Text and Color system is easy and simple for the users which are already Based Graphical Password Scheme to reduce Shoulder Surfing Attack is Proposed. Using this Scheme user can efficiently login the system.

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