Frosty The Snowman Urban Dictionary -

Urban DictionaryFrosty The Pervert.

The act of sticking a penis in ice and/or snow. Then once cold you begin intercourse with a woman, or, in a homosexual's case: a man. To be ready, on the edge. Usually associated with the military. What was once Frosty The Snowman, is now Frosty The Pervert, he is Frosty The Snowman's evil brother, he is a rebel, and dispises x-mas! Like frosty the snowman your cum is like melting snow. It drips in your hand, you take it and slap a hoe in the face. v. When a male with psoriasis is having sexual intercourse with a female in the missionary position and shakes his skin flakes off his body onto the female.

when doing a doing a girl from behind in the kitchen, you flip her over and cum all over her face and breasts. you then shove her head into the freezer while continuing to bang her, only stopping when she is no longer conscious. After an unconscious state has been achieved, the male puts a top hat on her head, scarf on around her neck, and. What does Frosty the Snowman mean in Urban Dictionary?: A complete cokehead; 1.whenever you generate a snow penis and fornicate your self with-it.2. Whenever you shag a. What does the frosty snowman mean in Urban Dictionary?: when doing a doing a lady from behind inside cooking area, you flip her over and cum throughout the woman face and tits. after this you shove the. What does frosty mean in Urban Dictionary?: Wendys, an extended establish take out restaurant in the twentieth century, served this distinct product. Too thick to drink, and too thin to phone frozen dessert..

Very similar to a frosty jim but instead of using the frozen condom on your partner you stick it up your own ass. You do this while watching another Male eat a banana slowly. What does Frosty The Pervert mean in Urban Dictionary?: the thing that was once Frosty The Snowman, is currently Frosty The Pervert, he's Frosty The Snowman's wicked bro, he. What does Frosty the Snow Bitch mean in Urban Dictionary?: Frosty the snowman's drag queen bitch alter pride. Regularly explain individuals who become infuriated by the cold.

What does Frosty Snowman mean in Urban Dictionary?: Ejaculate on a woman in a straight pattern to give the look of frosting, after that shit on chest and belly in a button structure and strike her when. What does Frosty the Snoman mean in Urban Dictionary?: v. When a male with psoriasis is having sexual activity with a lady in missionary place and shakes their skin flakes off.

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