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EZ-Drain is an all-in-one, easy to install substitute for a traditional French Drain. One 10 ft. EZ-Drain stick consists of a corrugated slotted pipe surrounded by a polystyrene aggregate, all wrapped in a durable filter fabric. French drains differ from typical surface drains because they collect water over the entire length of the drain instead of one particular spot. French drains can also prevent water from collecting and pooling in specific areas, saturating the ground below, which may lead to water problems at the surface or below. French Drain vs Trench Drain vs Swale vs Slot Drains: A Complete Breakdown of Landscape Drainage Options Commercial landscaping especially is expected to look beautiful. But, landscaping does not end with the plants—there is also a great deal of care required to keep the landscape looking pristine. We Install French Drains. A drainage system is vital in a region like the Dallas Fort Worth area, due to its highly porous soil conditions. French drain vs land drain? Leave it to Align Foundation Repair to install a new French drain, or repair an existing one, to keep water from collecting around the foundation.  Why Gravel French Drains are Better with Corrugated pipe and Geo-textile Fabric We’re in Macomb Township, Michigan installing a French drain system. When you’re installing a French drain system, you want to run your French drain system in the lowest area. That’s the collection area. In this case, we have a dwale, so we’re in [].

A French drain is an underground trench filled with stones and topped with sand and can even be covered with lawn, shrubs, or a flower bed. It’s designed with the primary purpose of channeling water away from the house, reduce flooding, and prevent waterlogged soil and erosion. 2020-01-01 · Many homeowners have drainage issues that cause problems with their landscaping and lawn. A common method to solve landscaping problems is a French drain. A French drain is simply a trench dug in a low-lying area that is filled with stones and topped with sand. An example of a channel drain at the end of a downward sloping paver driveway. French drains: This is the second possible option for a driveway that slopes downwards. Often confused with a channel drain, a French drain essentially works the same way but has a different construction. The most reliable way to eliminate undesirable, free-standing water is to install French drains with slotted pipes, filter fabric and gravel. The old way of installing French drains is to do it without the gravel and the fabric. Without the gravel and the fabric, however, the drain can clog up. French drains can require a lot of effort with only marginal effectiveness for many reasons. Most descriptions of a french drain involve a slotted or perforated pipe, a.

A French drain is quite simple to make. A trench is dug that slopes away from buildings and other structures. It is then filled with a layer of gravel and a perforated pipe is placed on top of the stones. Water that flows into the pipe leaks out through the perforations and drains into the ground.

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