Focus Rs Cpe Exhaust -

Order this cp-e Cat-Back Triton 3" Stainless Steel Exhaust Kit with 4" Polished Tips and a Valve for your 2016-2018 Focus RS today from CJ Pony Parts. This exhaust kit will assist in giving your exhaust the perfect tone without adding back-pressure. 2018-04-04 · When installing the system, or any system for that matter, I definitely recommend some poly hanger bushings from Cobb. They do not make a set yet for the Focus RS but 3 of the 4 bushings included in the ST kit will fit and its enough to keep any exhaust from moving. I has a small rattling issue in the rear and a vibration from the tunnel brace. Order this cp-e Cat-Back Triton 3" Stainless Steel Exhaust Kit with 4" Titan Tips and without a Valve for your 2016-2018 Focus RS today from CJ Pony Parts. Your newly boosted exhaust note will give you an aggressive tone when your throttle is wide open. 2018-02-15 · Apologies if there is already a thread for this, but I was wondering if the Thule roof rack kit for the standard Focus would work on the RS. Do any current ST owners have roof racks? What company did you use? Has anyone who has seen a US spec RS in.

Focus RS Turboback Exhaust Results. Posted on December 14,. We did the reverse with our development Focus RS. We left the stock catback in place and replaced the OEM downpipe with a catted CPE downpipe. We saw similar gains to what we saw when we replaced the catback. 2016-11-12 · INSANE exhaust SOUND update of our 2016 Ford Focus RS MK3 with the brand-new and one and only HG Motorsport EGO-X Cat-Back exhaust. The guys from hg- did an outstanding job of eliminating the high tone of the factory exhaust and putting this SUPER LOUD, DEEP, and AGGRESSIVE sounding exhaust. 2018-05-03 · Past: 2006 Liquid Plat Metallic Mazdaspeed 6 with sunroof- Mods- CPE top mount intercooler, Magnaflow CBE, Sure Aeros V1 intake, Corksport Turbo inlet, Autotech Fuel Pump internals, James Barone Rear Motor mount, Cobb AP on Stage 2 tune. This Focus RS Valved Exhaust will not only improve the breathing of your Focus RS, but it will also give you that aggressive exhaust note you’ve been looking for! The cp-e™ Austenite™ cat back exhaust has a very controlled exhaust note that gives the driver no drone at cruising speeds, yet a pronounced and aggressive tone at wide open throttle.

[From the manufacturer.]  Focus RS Exhaust Looking for a little more out of your Focus RS exhaust? Introducing the cp-e™ Focus RS Exhaust for the AWD Focus RS. This Focus RS Exhaust includes a valve delete plug for the OEM valve so that all drive modes are maintained. It is not possible to upgrade your exhaust to a. is the largest forum community to discuss the 2016 Focus RS. Join to talk about performance, specs, reviews and more! We sell exhaust systems for your Focus ST, RS, S, ZX3 or SVT!

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