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Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Kass on top of foot feels bruised: Without a history of trauma you need to look for a nerve injury. See a foot and ankle specialist for an evaluation. Although a stone bruise can happen on the ball of the foot, the main common site of injury is the heel. Stone Bruise Symptoms: If you have a stone bruise, you will feel like you are walking on a pebble. As with any other tissue inflammation, pain is a common symptom. There can. If you’ve suffered an injury during sports, ask your team’s healthcare professionals to take a look at your foot. As soon as you feel pain, get professional advice. While it may seem like bruised heels are a straightforward injury, there is always the risk of further complications or damage. I believe it is also a little swollen. I noticed when I step in my swimming pool as it was filling up with water, I could see something like a rash on my feet. The right is the one that feels bruised and the left one doesn’t feel that way, its just that Ive seen a rash like on both of them. The outside of my foot feels as if it is bruised and it is painful to walk, but no bruise is visually present. This - Answered by a verified Health Professional.

If you are uncertain whether you have a bruised heel, take the painful foot in your hands and press gently on the middle of your heel with the pads of your thumbs. Increase the pressure steadily until you feel pain. If the pain is sharp and then decreases when you release the heel, you may have a bruised. Your fat pad can become bruised and sore just like any other part of your pody. Both the fat pad & the heel can become bruised. A bone bruise is also possible! The fat pad can even herniate out into the skin. Bruised Heel Symptoms: Sore heel. Especially if you push at the center from the bottom. 2017-01-18 · Re: pain on top of foot feels like a bruise or broke I've had the same type of pain but mine occurred after having a bad reaction to pain medicine. My feet swelled huge and the doctor thought it was due to my kidneys and said that walking on swollen feet was better then sitting around, but the swelling continued. 2019-12-18 · @KoiwiGal - Never ignore foot pain if you can help it, even if it doesn't seem like much. You put so much wear and tear on your feet that a small complaint can quickly turn into a big one. My sister is a runner and she hates having to stop her training, but she'll do it if there is any kind of pain in her feet.

Sore feet feel bruised on bottom. Why do my feet feel bruised on bottom an painful to walk on? Thank you. 1 comment. One Response. Janine Ferrigno-Taddeo December 19,2019. It could be the lack of support in your shoe or the material of your sock. Related Discussions. Bottom of foot pain. 2005-04-19 · I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia this past Friday. Don't know much about it. Does anyone know of a site I could access to read up on it. Also, when I get up in the mornings, my feet feel so bruised on the bottom that is have to walk extremely slowly for the first 5-10 minutes.

2011-05-06 · Welcome to the Foot Health Forum community where you can ask about foot problems and get help, as well as be up-to-date with the latest foot health information. Only registered members can ask a question, but you do not need to register to respond and give help. Please become part of the community and check out the shop. Bruised toes or foot can also be swollen, painful, and often appear purple or blue. A bruised toe can be caused from a broken toe and fracture. A broken foot or ankle can also cause bruises on top of the foot. Read below for more information on causes and treatment options. 2018-11-16 · Common causes of pain in the ball of your foot. Pain in the ball of your foot is often caused by exercising too much or wearing shoes that are too tight. Some people also have a foot shape that puts extra pressure on the ball of the foot – for example, if you have small curled-up. Front part of the feet and heel hasn't problem, but medial arch area is weak point to step on obstacles. Only way to avoid it - lower moving speed, try to step on spots without such obstacles and landing on front part of feet at risky areas. And if it's deep bruise, healing takes 3-4 weeks to run whithout pain, if stepping on bruised area.

2009-09-11 · It sort of feels like my foot is bruised when I walk and a little bit when I run. I feel it when I flex and push off with my foot while walking around the house. The feeling is sort of high on my foot in front of where it meets my lower leg. I've felt it for five days and I've had the last two days off. If your feet are feeling like there is something tight on them which is not the same as saying the skin around your feet feels tight, it is likely that 1 of three things could be occuring: 1 You have edema, or swelling, in the area which is causing constriction on the blood vessels, and thus causes a tingling sensation as blood flow is being. I have severe pain in the ball of my left foot. It feels bruised, it hurts while either standing or sitting, but when i. For the last 3 months the ball of my right foot has hurt to walk and it hurts to move my foot and feels like the bottom of my foot is bruised. When the natural protective cushioning in the ball of your foot becomes diminished, it can feel like you’re walking on rocks or standing right on the bones of the ball of the foot. Ouch! Sadly, this thinning of the fat there is common and permanent: “Over time, you just wear. However, I can say it does feel better now I can put my foot on the group but when I walk it’s with a limp. Also, when I wake up in the morning my foot feels great again but after getting up and taking a few steps my heel/the back of my heel and the sides of my ankle start the pain again, it almost feels like.

2004-10-30 · [FONT=Arial]undefined[FONT=Arial Black]undefined[FONT=Courier New]Courier New All of a sudden I woke up one morning with both my feet feeling like they were bruised. A little swollen on the sides and the heels and balls of my feet feel brusied too. It hurts when I. The bottoms of my feet feel bruised I find it very difficult to walk I do have Fibro YYYY@YYYY. Not relevant? Ask a doctor now. Both feet feel like they're burning they have a red rash, feel swollen top and bottom feel like they're on. MD. this looks like a. swollen feet feel bruised? Mrs.Saxy member. April 2011 in 3rd Trimester. I'm a post whore tonight. For me the ache is on the bottom of my feet. It feels like there is no meat/fat on the bottom of my feet to cushion my body weight. My doc kind of blew it off too, ugh.

My left foot pain started suddenly, on the edge of my foot below the pinky toe, like I stepped out of bed onto a piece of gum. The pain progressed within a week to my heel. It gets better the more I am on my feet, but after sitting its there again. It was about 2-3 months before the right foot started hurting. It. 2020-01-02 · Hi I'm new here, I want to find out if anybody has this problem the pads of both feet feel swollen feels like I'm walking on wadded paper and sometimes mostly at night my toes start moving like having spasms there's not alot of pain but when my toes do this I have a hard time making them stop. It's like they have a mind of there own. Thank you. 2013-11-15 · Continued Medical Treatment. Treatment for a broken bone in the foot depends on which bone is broken and how it is broken. Some broken bones in the foot can be treated with crutches and flat-bottom shoes, others require splints or casts, and still others require surgery to repair the bones. Bruised foot commonly seen in athletes who are involved in sports which put direct pressure to the foot, such as football, running, basketball etc. Know the causes, symptoms, treatment and healing time for bruised foot.

Bruised foot can seriously affect your walking ability due to pain and swelling. It can occur due to trauma to the foot while playing, walking or tight fitting shoes. Ice fomentation, elevation of the foot, and natural herbs include the treatment. 2008-05-07 · The ball of the left foot is definitely swollen. The lump -- right in the middle -- is sore when pressed. The top of my left foot, at the instep, feels bruised in comparison to my right foot, but nothing is visibly different. I've taken some Advil and am resting my left foot.

  1. Then, falling, walking and running on the sharp or hard floor can cause the foot bruised. The causes of the foot bruised are so simple, but the pain which are affected by this bruised are so wonderful. This foot bruise may effect to any parts of the foot. It can affect to the bottom, side, top, and even ball part of the foot.
  2. 2008-12-26 · It just started a few months ago. I have always been used to the uncomfortableness of standing on my feet for 8 hours ya know running around just regular work day but for some reason, nothing has changed but my feet are awful sore on the bottom. It feels like there bruised but there is no visible bruising. When i get up in the.

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