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2013-03-02 · This Site Might Help You. RE: explain the pressure flow hypothesis of translocation of sugar in plants.? explain the pressure flow hypothesis of translocation of sugar in plants. 2020-01-05 · Some advanced vascular plants also have companion cells that help improve the effectiveness of phloem. The pressure flow hypothesis helps explain how dissolved sugars move from sugar sources to sugar sinks. When sinks need sugar, the pressure difference between the source and sink causes dissolved sugars to move to the area of need. Explain the mass flow hypothesis as a mechanism for translocation Active transport is used to actively load the sucrose from photosynthesis from companion cells into the sieve tubes of the phloem at the leaves.This lowers the water potential in the sieve tube so water enters the tubes by osmosis from the xylem and companion cells.This creates a high pressure inside the sieve tubes at the. The mechanism used for the translocation of sugars from source to sink is called the pressure flow hypothesis. As glucose is prepared at the source, which is the leaf, by the processes of photosynthesis it is converted to sucrose.The sugar is then moved in the form of sucrose into the companion cells and then into the living phloem sieve tube. According to the pressure flow hypothesis, food is prepared in the plant leaves in the form of glucose. Before moving into the source cells present in the phloem, the prepared food is converted into sucrose. Water moves from the xylem vessels into the adjacent phloem, thereby increasing the hydrostatic pressure in the phloem.

Pressure flow hypothesis explained. The pressure flow hypothesis, also known as the mass flow hypothesis, is the best-supported theory to explain the movement of sap through the phloem. It was proposed by Ernst Munch, a German plant physiologist in 1930. The theory behind Mass flow hypothesis which is also called as pressure flow hypothesis describes the movement of sap via phloem, proposed by the German physiologist Ernst Munch in 1930. A highly concentrated organic sugar especially sugar in the cells of phloem from a source like a leaf forms a diffusion gradient which draws water in the cells from adjacent xylem. Question 16: Explain pressure flow hypothesis of translocation of sugars in plants. Answer: The pressure flow or mass flow hypothesis: When glucose is prepared at the source, it is converted to sucrose. The sucrose moves into the companion cells and then into the living phloem sieve tube cells; through active transport. Translocation is the movement of materials from leaves to other tissues throughout the plant. Plants produce carbohydrates sugars in their leaves by photosynthesis, but nonphotosynthetic parts of the plant also require carbohydrates and other organic and nonorganic materials.

Arrange the following five events in an order that explains the mass flow of materials in the phloem: 1. water diffuses into the sieve 2. leaf cells produce sugar by photosynthesis 3. solutes are actively transported into sieve tubes 4. sugar is transported from cell to cell in the leaf 5. sugar. Munch’s Mass Flow or Pressure Flow Hypothesis: According to this hypothesis put forward by Munch 1930 and elaborated by Craft 1938 and others, the translocation of organic solutes takes place en mass through phloem along a gradient of turgor pressure from the region of higher conc. of soluble solutes i.e., supply end to the region of lower conc. i.e., consumption end.

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