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2020-01-05 · Mix two solutions together and you get an amazing eruption of foam that looks like a giant stream of toothpaste exploding from the cylinder. Some people refer to this foam as Elephant’s Toothpaste when the reaction is in action, this name will totally make sense. 2010-08-23 · We all know what elephant toothpaste is, but what's the best way to make this massive growing foam? Dr. Lithium from NurdRage has answers. He'll show you the best way to reproduce this chemical reaction to get the. 2019-12-05 · How to Make Elephant Toothpaste. Making elephant toothpaste is an easy and fun science experiment that you can do with your kids at home or with students in the lab. It is the result of a chemical reaction that creates a. Make elephant toothpaste! Add dish soap and potassium iodide to hydrogen peroxide in a graduated cylinder. Then watch in amazement as huge amounts of foam stream forth!

SRA011 - Spectacular decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, to produce a foam, catalysed by potassium iodide elephant's toothpaste Risk assessed instructions, including control measures, for both a small and larger -scale version of this popular demonstration. Elephant toothpaste demo 1 Catalyst: potassium iodide This first video is a great introduction to Elephant Toothpaste – all of the ingredients are clearly labeled with captions. It’s short, and clear and simple. However, in this particular video they call the experiment “marshmallow experiment” rather than “elephant toothpaste”. Elephant Toothpaste continue 3 21 linn cientiic nc ll Rihts Resee Materials for Elephant Toothpaste are available from Flinn Scientific, Inc. Materials required to perform this activity are available in the Old Foamey—Chemical Demonstration Kit available from Flinn.

The elephant's toothpaste chemistry demonstration produces heated foam when chemicals are mixed. The original demonstration results from decomposition of hydrogen peroxide catalyzed by potassium iodide. Detergent solution captures gases to form the foam. The potassium iodide serves as a catalyst for the decomposition of the hydrogen peroxide by facilitating oxygen removal from the solution so the reaction is carried to completion. The rapid decomposition allows you generate a lot of gas quickly and the long cylindrical shape of the graduated cylinder directs the momentum of the gas in a vertical direction to achieve the gushing effect. The document 'SRA011 - Spectacular decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, to produce a foam, catalysed by potassium iodide elephant's toothpaste' is resticted to members only. NCSU – Dept. of Chemistry – Lecture Demonstrations Kinetics Catalytic Decomposition of H 2O2 – Elephant’s Toothpaste Description: The iodide ion from KI or NaI is used as a catalyst to decompose.

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