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2016-07-12 · World Strongest Man athlete Eddie Hall revealed he nearly died after completing his latest deadlift world record attempt. The Englishman competed in Saturday’s World Deadlift Championship and attempted to break the existing 465kgs record that he and two others set at the weekend with an incredible 500kgs deadlift. Eddie hall - The Beast THE WORLDS STRONGEST MAN 2017 🏋️‍♂️ WR DEADLIFT 500KG 3YRS 🤠 HUSBAND 💍 FATHER 🧔🏻 STRONGMAN 💪 MENTALHEALTH ⚖️ 👇Get tickets to Giants Live👇 /giantslive2020eh. 2017-10-23 · He may have said he was retiring from World’s Strongest Man, but it looks like Eddie Hall hasn’t retired from smashing world records. The British behemoth recently made a partial deadlift of 536 kilograms 1,181.7 pounds with wrist straps, breaking the previous record by one kilogram. In 2015 he also finished 4th at the World's Strongest Man, an improvement of two places on the previous year. In March 2016, he achieved a new world record long bar deadlift in the Arnold Classic Strongman, by lifting 465 kg 1,025 lb. In December 2015 a feature documentary about Hall, titled Eddie. Eddie Hall, who was just crowned the 2017 World’s Strongest Man, is king. Before he won WSM, Hall shocked the world when he deadlifted 1,102 pounds 500kg—easily, we should add—in July 2016 at the World Deadlift Championships. It was and still is the most weight ever deadlifted before.

Eddie Hall has set a new 500 kg 1102.3 lb deadlift world record at the World Deadlift Championships and passed out after completing the lift with blood hemorrhaging from his nose. 2016-07-28 · Eddie Hall, “The Beast,” just deadlifted a savage 500kg, shattering his own record of 465kg from March of this year. This is one of the most impressive strength feats in recent history, a new benchmark for strength athletes to strive for. It’s also a great opportunity to examine the lifting. Eddie Hall Deadlift Tips and Personal Transformation -- Image Credit: MindUpload World Record Deadlift. On July 10, 2016, he set the current world record of half a ton, 500kg deadlift 1,102.31 lbs at the World Deadlift Championships in Leeds, England.

Bio: Eddie Hall was born in Newcastle-under-Lyme and currently, hold’s the title as the 2017 World’s Strongest Man. After training as a body-builder he entered the strongman circuit and completed a strongman’s camp at the Iceman gym in Stoke-on-Trent. Eddie Hall - The Beast, Vector. 976,506 likes · 82,630 talking about this. WOLRDS STRONGEST MAN 2017 DEADLIFT KING - 500kg WR For bookings email.


2016-07-23 · Meet Eddie Hall. The man would give The Mountain a run for his money. Why? He just deadlift half a ton. The only human to have ever done so in the history of time. He's also won, on multiple occasions, both the UK's Strongest Man and England's Strongest Man titles and he recently broke the world record for deadlifts. His nickname is 'The Beast'. I was so happy when Eddie won WSM and got the deadlift but now I just can't stand him. He chats so much shit and tries agonizing hard to stay relevant. His WSM was tailored for him in terms of events and whilst 500kg deadlift is very impressive, id much rather see it done and then the competitor win an actually competition after. 2019-06-28 · This video is from Eddie's Instagram story. 2017-11-30 · When it comes to ripping heavy weight off the floor, Eddie Hall, who was just crowned the 2017 World’s Strongest Man, is king. Before he won WSM, Hall shocked the world when he deadlifted 1,102 pounds 500kg—easily, we should add—in July 2016 at the World Deadlift Championships. Eddie Hall is an English professional strongman, known for his incredible feats in the weightlifting sport. Eddie is the winner of the 2017 World’s Strongest Man competition, alongside being the only man to ever deadlift 500 kilograms 1,102 lbs.

In einem ausführlichen Interview mit The MALESTROM spricht Eddie Hall nun unter anderem über seinen letztjährigen Weltrekordversuch und gewährt einige Einblicke, wie er sich die erste Zeit danach fühlte. Demnach sei der 500 Kilo Deadlift eines der gefährlichsten Dinge gewesen, die. As you can see the deadlift is performed from an elevated platform and the bar bends a lot, which means less range of motion which in return means the lift is “easier” to perform. “Elephant Bar” Deadlift. Moving forward a bit in time, we go to 2016 Arnold Classics and the main star of our article, Eddie Hall. 2017-11-16 · Eddie Hall is the strongest human being on the face of the planet. Even before he won the 2017 World’s Strongest Man he had made a variety of historic firsts in strength sports including the heaviest long bar strongman deadlift 465 kilograms,. 2018-11-09 · As the World’s Ultimate Strongman 2018 competition was held in Dubai, last year’s World’s Strongest Man, Eddie Hall, was on the ground to oversee proceedings. In 2016, Hall became a world record holder for being the first man to deadlift 500kg. The impressive feat took a serious physical toll. 2016-08-16 · Just seen this so thought I'd post it up for anyone interested Percentages are based off target, not current 1RM. Week 0 warmup week 65% 3 x 10.

Eddie Hall Net Worth and Earning Sources. Europe’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall is an English professional athlete. Eddie Hall Net Worth is estimated to be $34 Million. The UK’s Strongest Man is notable for winning the World’s Strongest Man competition in 2017. He is the only man to deadlift 500 kg under strongman rules in 2016. Eddie Hall Deadlift Record 2016. Hall set a new world record in July 2016, in the deadlift category where he lifted 500 kg 1,100 lb. He had previously set at 465 kg 1,025 lb earlier that same day. Hall was the first man in history to lift 500kgs which made him pass out immediately after.

23 Best Eddie Hall Deadlift Program Tips to.

2019-02-18 · Eddie Hall Didn’t Use a Standard Bar and Used More Equipment. The 500kg deadlift Eddie Hall hit was done on a deadlift bar which is also longer and bends more than a standard power bar. I haven’t been around long enough to know, but I really wonder if people made the same stink when the deadlift bar was made and seen as cheating back then. Achievements. Deadlift World Record Holder. I am the World's Strongest Man. The number one. Introducing Eddie Halls own signature collection, a BEAST of designs by XplosiveApe dedicated to our much-loved British strength athlete and deadlift champion, in the wake of his dedication to the sport, and world record breaking titles. 2019-11-25 · EDDIE HALL has revealed how he nearly bled to death after dropping a set of weights on his PENIS. The former World's Strongest Man had to be "stitched up" at the hospital after the horrific accident. Hall, who has been crowned UK's Strongest Man six.

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