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Silver-Brite Aluminum Paint. SILVER-BRITE ALUMINUM PAINT is a superior quality, one package, interior/exterior, general purpose aluminum paint formulated with 325-mesh leafing aluminum pigment, petroleum resin, and select oils producing a chrome-like uniform appearance. Aluminum is generally a very good surface to paint; however, there are a few potential problems of which to be aware: Check previously painted aluminum —especially aluminum with factory applied paints, such as aluminum siding, mobile homes or outbuildings. Duralux Marine Coatings Offers Boat Paint and Epoxy Paint Primers for Aluminum Boats and Wooden Applications, Acrylic Urethane, and Boat Bottom Paint. DURALUX MARINE ENAMEL: A single package, alkyd enamel designed for use on commercial or pleasure boats. Mascoat Marine-DTM coating is a water-based, one-part coating comprised of air-filled particulates held in suspension by an acrylic binder. It applies like paint and is maintenance-free, providing a thermal barrier and anti-condensation capabilities for shipboard construction.

Sleek and modern or ruffled and rusted, aluminum has many attractive qualities. However, if you're bored with the shiny metal surface or want to wake up a tired rusted roof with a slick of bright paint, then there are a few things to understand about this popular home decor metal. 2013-02-11 · DTM acrylic is a great product on most metal surfaces and some types of aluminum, but in some cases a speacial tie coat or a wash/etching primer should be used to promote good adhesion. Aluminum protects itself through a process called passivation which may leave a film of oxide with low adhesion on the surface. DTM Alkyd Enamel. DIRECT-TO-METAL ENAMEL is a high-build alkyd coating with rust-inhibitive properties for application directly to bare steel. Good gloss and color retention. Aluminum Galvanized steel primer Concrete and masonry Wood Previously painted surfaces available without sacrificing performance. Pro Industrial DTM Acrylic Coating delivers a high-performance finish and long-term durability in your choice. of colors. Engineered for light to moderate industrial use on both interior and exterior. Detailed How To – Aaron McBride. This guide will cover prepping and painting of steel, aluminum, plastic, and acrylic plus more. I’m sure some people will think some of the steps are not necessary and quite extensive compared to some guides.

After the surface preparation, DTM paints can be applied smoothly and easily. Since most DTM paints are based in acrylic, this type of paint is also durable and may last for a long time. Most of these paints are also able to dry very quickly resulting to an easier and faster paint job. As to how to paint the metal framing of the pool enclosure: Whether the enclosure has a painted finish or an anodized finish, both make a suitable underbody for an acrylic paint. Anodizing is actually often done to aluminum prior to painting because it makes the aluminum more porous so that the paint.

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