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Do computers in the same home have different.

Within the local network, every computer has to have a different IP address. These IP addresses have to be in the same subnet; usually this means that the first 3 bytes are the same. Within the local network, every computer has to have a different IP address. 2010-02-26 · hello! i have 3 computers in my household and i recently had sky fitted in so now SKY are my new Internet Service Providers. i would like to know wheter each of the computer in my house hold have different IP addresses or do they all run on the same IP address? 2017-06-22 · But you and your neighbor can have have the same IP address while chatting out side on the lawn. Because you neighbor is connected to his device using something called a local IP address say, and you can be also There won't be any conflict because your modems or gateway to the internet have different IP addresses.

Internet Addresses are costly, and the world is running out of publicly available IP Addresses as it is, and add that to every browser demanding that it has its own IP address, and you've a very very inefficient design on your hands. First some b. There are two IP address assigned to each device on a Wi-Fi network. An Internal Private and an External Public IP address. Internal IP address is used for communication between Your computer and a smartphone or whatever devices that are conne. How to Set up Multiple IP Addresses on a Computer. There are several ways to set up multiple IP addresses on a computer: 1. To have multiple network interface cards NICs on your computer and to assign a different IP address to each card.

Have wired/wireless DSL router Gateway 2Wire. Windows 7 computer hooked up wired to router,IP address completely different from ALL numbers different, not just last 2 all other devices connected to network Windows Vista is wireless, Windows XP wired, HP printer wireless-all have same basic IP address except for last 2 digits. You have three separate issues here. First, assigning unique IP addresses to Computer 1 and Computer 2 in the LAN the right side of your diagram. If the router implements a DHCP server, and the switch is just a transparent switch, then the different computers will be served different IP addresses. Are same IP address with different submask unique? [duplicate] Ask Question. How does Subnetting Work? In a same block of IPv4 addresses, can there be same IPs with different submasks? For example, can I have this: Why do all computers on my network have the same MAC address? 0. 2008-08-12 · can 2 different computers on the same internet network have different IP address? If I connected 2 computers up to the internet, in my house would both computers have the same IP address? They will be connected to the same internet but both are not the same computer.

It says that i have two different IP Addresses and i don't know how that happened and why the printer does not link on to my PC. So you do not want to have the printer associated meaning: the same with your PC's IP address. Download and install this. any thoughts of what I can do to get the computer to accept the wireless printer. 0. When we have different network IPs connected to a L2 switch in same broadcast domain we will not be able to ping why? PC1192.168.1.1/24. Why do we configure default route point to internet, just to provide routing information to router about the network which is not part of it.Isn't that fair:. Why does your computer show a different IP address in ipconfig? The IP address shown on the What Is My IP home page is your public IP address also referred to as your external IP. If your internet connection connects straight in to your computer, then your computer is assigned the external IP address.

I have a question. So I have a 32-bit Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS set up on one of my computers. I set up a static IP address for this computer, but now when I go see what devices are using my internet, I notice that my linux server has 2 different IP addresses and both have the same MAC address. 2013-10-31 · We have a problem with same IPs pointing to the different PCs in DNS. I googled it and found the answer to enable the Zone Aging/Scavenging, which is already enabled. We use a small piece of software on our network called deep Freeze which freezes the state of the PC. 2007-09-14 · Two computers have to have different IP addresses. If they're the same it causes an IP conflict. Its like each house on the same street has to have a different number, or the post gets all muddled or not sent at all. 2012-11-25 · Solved: Computer has a different IP address than the printer. Similar Threads - Solved Computer different. High ping spikes on WI-Fi, can it be solved?. Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Stay logged in. 2011-03-28 · 2 different computers on 2 different subnets connected to the same layer 2 switch can ping each other. Now how do we make that encapsulation happen? We have to cheat here using a route with an output interface rather than a next-hop IP address. Can Two PC in Different Subnet connected to each other communicate. Vivek Nagar Mar 28.

Since different routers have you specify addresses in different ways, make sure you know how yours expects you to input the address or range of addresses. However, that's not enough. Because you have multiple systems on each subnet, all sharing the same public IP address, you also have to specify which inbound traffic goes to what subnet host. You cannot, this is the point. What you can do is make one of them as a gateway with the ip address, and creates rules on the gateway which requests to send to what computer. Behind the gateway, you computers will have different ip addresses, but from outside of your small network of two computers it will look like you have only one computer. Why do other people have the same IP address as me? Answer: If. home or business, it is possible that you share an IP address with other users. This is because, while you might use different computers or devices, you all use. Since your IP address is publicly available and may be shared by multiple computers, it is important to know what. Host B sees the ARP request, knows that he has, and sends an ARP response that includes his MAC address. Something like "I have, my MAC address is BB". ARP requests do not include any data about subnet masks, so there is no way for Host B or A to know that the other host has a different subnet mask at this point. Do modems have different ip addresses than routers? - posted in Networking: Hello, I can use some help with a few networking questions please. I have verizon FIOS, there a is huge box on the wall [I am guessing that is my modem?] and a router is connected to that big box. I had thought the Default Gateway is the Modems address but now I am.

Most online games have a way to assign different ports to different computers. For example, you might use ports 3075 thru 3078, while your friend uses ports 3175 thru 3178. If. The Question. SuperUser reader Spartan wants to know if it is possible for different people to have the same public IP address: As I understand it, two computers cannot have the same public external IP address unless they are connected via the same router.

Every device that connects to the Internet, including computers, smartphones and game consoles, has an Internet Protocol address. This address identifies the machine online, helping data reach its. 2017-11-16 · Hello Friends! welcome to my channel. Today. in this video, we will learn how to use multiple class IP in a computer in LAN network. so we can access different network.

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