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9:20-23 This is a continuation of the vision in chapter 8, most of which was already explained to Daniel. The only thing that was not interpreted for him was chapter 8:13-14—the section on the 2300 days and the cleansing of the sanctuary. The Prophecy Of The Seventy Weeks Article contributed byAlthough other major prophets received detailed information concerning the nations and God’s program for salvation, Daniel alone was given the comprehensive program for both the Gentiles, as revealed to Daniel in preceding chapters, and for Israel, as recorded in Daniel 9:24-27. DANIEL - Chapter 9 Commentary: 9 The book of Daniel and Revelation, as you have found, have many similarities and yet are very different. The detail study of Revelation will uncover many new prophecies and understandings of the end times. Daniel chapter 9 KJV King James Version. verse 27 - I think it is foolishness and irresponsible as a servant of the Lord to try to make up methods and formulas for. About the time — The time of the evening sacrifice was a solemn and set time of devotion. Tho' the altar was in ruins, and there was no oblation offered upon it, yet the pious Jews were daily thoughtful of the time when it should have been offered, and hoped that their prayer would be set forth before God as incense, and the lifting up of.

This Daniel 9 Commentary provides an overview of the prophecy, discusses the major points of dispute and analyses the four major interpretations; the Consistent Symbolical, Liberal-Critical, Dispensational and Historical-Messianic Interpretation. Book of Daniel Bible Study Chapter Commentary 9 Part 2 Daniel’s 70 Weeks. By I Gordon. We saw in the last study that Daniel had been reading the prophecies of Jeremiah when he saw that Israel would be in exile for 70 years.

9:1-3 Daniel learned from the books of the prophets, especially from Jeremiah, that the desolation of Jerusalem would continue seventy years, which were drawing to a close. God's promises are to encourage our prayers, not to make them needless; and when we see the performance of them approaching, we should more earnestly plead them with God. 2017-11-01 · Almost everyone looks at the book of Daniel with a sense of wonder and anticipation, because this is usually regarded as a prophetic book foretelling the future. This is true. The book of Daniel, together with the book of Revelation, marvelously unfolds future events as God has ordained them in the program of history. By no means has.

Daniel 9:3. I set my face unto the Lord God — This expression does not merely mean, that he directed his face to the place where the temple had stood: it signifies also his resolution to apply to God with the utmost seriousness, fervency, importunity, and perseverance, for the accomplishment of his promises respecting the restoration of his. Daniel 9:27 Commentary: Daniel 9:27 may have also been Fulfilled in Jesus’ Earthly Ministry. Modern scholars believe that Jesus’ ministry as it is recorded in the Gospels was also three and a half years long. The next chapter, Daniel 11, is perhaps the most controversial chapter in the entire book.

DANIEL 9. This chapter recounts the prophecy of the seventy weeks, probably the most debated portion of the whole prophecy. The chapter has four divisions: 1 Daniel comes to understand that the "seventy years" of Israel's captivity are about to end Daniel 9:1-2; 2 his fervent prayer that God will indeed bless and restore Israel to. Daniel chapter 9 1611 KJV King James Version. verse 27 - I think it is foolishness and irresponsible as a servant of the Lord to try to make up methods and. A brief explanation of Daniel Chapter 9. The book of Daniel is filled with Messianic illusions and calculations that even left Daniel pondering their meanings. Additionally, a large proportion of the book is written in Aramaic rather than the traditional Hebrew adding to the complexity of these biblical texts. Is there something about the.

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Commentary on the book of Daniel Chapter 9 from a literal,historical and contextual perspective. Daniel prays for the city of Jerusalem and the Temple. Gabriel reveals to Daniel God's plan for eternity. The Seventy weeks of Daniel. Daniel 10 – Circumstances of the Final Vision A. Daniel’s vision of the mysterious man. 1. 1-3 Introduction: Daniel’s state of heart. In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia a message was revealed to Daniel, whose name was called Belteshazzar. The Prophecy of Seventy Weeks chapter 9 of the Book of Daniel is a prophecy given to Daniel by the angel Gabriel in response to Daniel's prayer for God to act on behalf of his people and city i.e. Jerusalem: the angel informs him that seventy "weeks" have been decreed for them, and then gives a detailed but cryptic description of those weeks.

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