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2016-11-01 · Node.js is an open source JavaScript runtime environment for easily building server-side and networking applications. The platform runs on Linux, OS X, FreeBSD, and Windows. Node.js applications can be run at the command line, but we’ll focus. 2019-11-12 · Configure your Node.js Applications release notes. Introduction. Node-config organizes hierarchical configurations for your app deployments. It lets you define a set of default parameters, and extend them for different deployment environments development, qa, staging, production, etc.. You now have a Node development environment up and running on your computer that can be used for creating Express web applications. You've also seen how NPM can be used to import Express into an application, and also how you can create applications using the.

And here are some screenshots from testing by setting the NODE_ENV environment variable in server.js to development and staging. You can see that for staging environment, the values for app_name, app_desc and json_indentation don’t change and are picked up from the development environment where as the values for config_id, node_port and. 2016-12-21 · In part 1 we started a server, responding to HTTP requests on port 3000. In this tutorial we will look at 4 more concepts Serving HTTP traffic on the standard port, 80 Keeping the Node.js process running Deploying code into the server Serving some HTML. Manage Your Node.js Application Configuration. Before we get into writing code to interact with SQL Server, we need a good way to manage our application’s configuration, such as our SQL Server connection information. Node.js applications typically use environment variables for configuration. However, managing environment variables can be a pain. 2016-01-14 · Abstract: The mssql package is an easy-to-use SQL Server database connector for Node.js. This article explores how to connect to SQL Server, insert and executed stored procedures from Node.js. If you are building an application, eventually at some point, you.

The bs-config.js file may also export a function that receives the lite-server Browsersync instance as its only argument. While not required, the return value of this function will be used to extend the default lite-server configuration. Step 1: Configure development environment for Node.js development. 01/19/2017; 2 minutes to read; In this article. You will need to configure your development environment with the prerequisites in order to develop an application using the Node.js Driver for SQL Server. Step 3: Proof of concept connecting to SQL using Node.js. 07/23/2019; 2 minutes to read; In this article. To download Node.js SQL driver. This example should be considered a proof of concept only. The sample code is simplified for clarity, and does not necessarily represent best. If you're using dev-server through the Node.js API, the options in devServer will be ignored. Pass the options as a second parameter instead: new WebpackDevServercompiler, .. See here for an example of how to use webpack-dev-server through the Node.js API. You cannot use the second compiler argument a callback when using WebpackDevServer.

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