Characteristics Of A Typical Vertebra -

The vertebral column also known as the backbone or the spine, is a column of approximately 33 small bones, called vertebrae. The column runs from the cranium to the apex of the coccyx, on the posterior aspect of the body. It contains and protects the spinal cord. 2015-05-23 · This topic covers C3-C7 vertebrae, the features that make C3-C6 regular, and why C7 is irregular. There are several diagrams to help you as I also explore all the different features of a typical and atypical cervical vertebrae, and the significance of their surface anatomy.

Given the twelve thoracic vertebrae are largely similar, most are considered typical thoracic vertebrae with the exceptions T1 and T9 to T12. For a basic anatomic description of the structure of typical vertebrae, see vertebrae. Gross anatomy R. 2018-12-06 · Typical thoracic vertebrae have several features distinct from those typical of cervical or lumbar vertebrae. T5-T8 tend to be the most “typical” in that they contain features present in all thoracic vertebrae. The primary characteristic of thoracic vertebrae is the presence of costal facets. Start studying Features of typical vertebra. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

2011-08-23 ·3D anatomy tutorial on the basic structure of a vertebra using the Zygote Body Browser. Join the Faceb. Each process has anterior in posteroinferior vertebrae, these costal facets Processes & posterior roots which are concave & face forwards & aspect of the root of end in tubercles joined by transverse process, laterally, while in lower 6 costotransverse bar which represents true vertebrae, they are flat & face upwards, laterally & slightly.

A characteristic feature of the vertebrae C2 to C6 is a projection known as the bifid spinous process. C7 has a prominent nonbifid spinous process that can be felt at the base of the neck. Atlas C1 The atlas, or first cervical vertebra, is so named because it supports the globe of the skull. Cervical vertebrae C3 to C6 are similar to the typical vertebra described earlier, with the addition of the transverse foramina and bifid spinous processes. Vertebra C7 is a little different—its spinous process is not bifid, but it is especially long and forms a prominent bump on the lower back of the neck. Most of the thoracic vertebrae share various anatomical characteristics. The posterior, superior, and lateral views of a thoracic vertebra. However, T1 somewhat resembles the last cervical vertebra C7 and T9 – T12 progressively look more like the lumbar vertebrae. You may discuss about the differences between typical and atypical vertebrae with respect to its size and morphology. For example, morphologically speaking, the axis and atlas vertebrae have no vertebral body, which the rest of vertebrae has it. sacrum 5 fused sacral vertebrae coccyx 4-5 fused caudal vertebrae General characteristics of a vertebra from Gray's Anatomy A typical vertebra consists of two essential parts – an anterior segment, the body, and a posterior part, the vertebral or neural arch; these enclose a foramen opening, the vertebral foramen.

What are Thoracic Vertebrae? There are 12 thoracic vertebrae situated in between the cervical and lumbar vertebrae. The major characteristic that is unique to thoracic vertebrae is the presence of costal facets for articulation with ribs.

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