Car Idles Rough And Dies -

2015-05-19 · car starts and idles but wants to die if press gas 13 Answers. I have a 02 Ford focus 2.0 sp single cam the car will start and idle fine but if you give it gas it will sputter and try to die but you let off I will Rev up some and then idle fine again I have rep. the car idles rough. It speeds up and slows down and dies after awhile - Ford Thunderbird question.

2009-05-18 · When i start my car it idles rough and then dies. i just rebuilt the carb, but that didn't help. thereis enough fuel flowing. i can't figure out what else could be wrong. its a 1966 with a 289 2v. I had that problem on my '67 also a 289 2v coupe, turned out to be a vacuum leak on the hot air choke. Every once in a while the car starts to idle rough but then it returns to normal, sometimes while driving, even on highway, the car looses power, as if it ran out of gas but than, after a a couple of seconds,. Intermittent engine performance, rough idle and stall. Power/Fuel. higgenkreuz November 29,. Car idles rough - Nissan 1995 Maxima question. Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will remind you when it gets answered.

My car starts, but idles rough then shuts off once I give it gas. Reply 1: scan for codes and check fuel pressure with a gauge auto parts rent it. What Does It Mean When Your Car Idles Rough? by Lynda Moultry Belcher. A rough-idling car can be caused by any number of issues. While this might not seem like a pressing matter, a rough idle can signal a problem with the car's engine. 2008-01-08 · Car runs rough and shakes while idle at stop light.? When stopping at a light the car starts to shake fairly furiously and when I come to a complete stop it shakes worse and i&39;m afraid it will die out or something. When it happened the first time the check engine light came on. 2013-02-07 · So this car, 1999 Buick Century, runs ok a lot of the time. a couple weeks ago it started running like crap some of the time and will flat out die at a stop sign. I'll stop and it'll idle rough and then just die. A mechanic said it was an oxygen sensor, 300 bucks later and it's not fixed. I took it elsewhere and hooked it up and the.

This causes the engine to run rough. As the engine warms, it not longer needs the richer cold idle mixture and the engine runs smoother. If the car idles rough this can also be indicative of bad plug wires, distributor, or rotor. One way to check for bad plug wires is to inspect the plug wire runs with the car running in a very dark area. The car dies when it idles? Answer. Wiki User July 03, 2009 12:29PM. sounds like the fuel regulator might be bad or the ignition switch needs change. Related Questions. Asked in Nissan 240SX, Chevy Caprice Classic How do you reset how the car idles and where can i find it and at what rpm is it supposed to idle?

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