Can I Use A Sprint Phone On Boost Mobile -

Since it's on the same CDMA spectrum, you can't just have the phone unlocked and have the kernel or the OS flashed to work on Sprint?? Is it possible to take my Epic 4g Touch to boost from Sprint since Boost now offers the same phone? 2014-11-19 · Can I Use A Sprint Device On Boost Mobile??? CV Tech. Loading. Unsubscribe from CV Tech?. How To Unlock A Phone - Use it with any SIM card - Duration:. How To Flash Samsung S4 to Boost Mobile or.

2016-10-28 · i get this question asked many times, "can you use an unlocked phone on boost mobile?" i made this video to answer your question. Subscribe for more videos a. Boost Mobile iPhone should work on Sprint without unlocking since Sprint is Boost Mobile’s host network on CDMA technology. On the other hand, unlocking your Sprint iPhone will only unlock its GSM technology so that it could be used on other GSM n. 2009-08-16 · I have a Boost Mobile phone/account and have had it for over a year. Its on the old plans before the walkie/talkie stuff. I never switched and really don't want the new plans or phones they have, mainly because from seeing others with it, they suck now. My question is, I've had this phone for almost two years and want an updated one.

2011-07-25 · I have a dilemma, I am one year into my Sprint 2 year contract and my Blackberry got wet and won't work - its too early to upgrade without a huge penalty fee and I don't have an extended warranty. I friend told me I can buy a Boost phone and activate on my Sprint account. Is this true and how does this affect having a Blackberry data package? 2019-02-17 · How to Flash a Sprint Phone to Boost Mobile. Boost Mobile offers prepaid wireless service plans on the nationwide Sprint 4G LTE network, which means your Sprint phone is already compatible with Boost Mobile's network. Flashing your Sprint. You may activate a previously used Boost Mobile CDMA Series phone but you will need to pay a $10 one-time reactivation fee in order to activate services. You can only use select previously-used Sprint CDMA phones on a Boost account as part of our Activate a Sprint phone on Boost Mobile.

Sprint phones can be used with any Boost Mobile plan One of the nice things about using Sprint phones on Boost Mobile is that any of Boost’s plans will work with eligible devices. So, whether you want the basic $35/month plan or want to pay $50/month for unlimited everything, your plan choices aren’t limited just because you’re using a Sprint phone. The Sprint “SIM” you refer to isn't technically a SIM, but is rather a UICC, or Universal Integrated Circuit Card. The UICC has but one purpose and function in a Sprint device — to enable 4G/LTE connectivity. As a general rule, UICC cards are not.

Sprint amd Boost mobile both run on the Sprint network meaning they use CDMA technology and do not use a SIM card. If your Sprint phone has a SIM card that means it is an LTE capable phone and that SIM card is for your LTE internet.

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