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2009-09-19 · Your throttle body is a very important and commonly neglected part of the engine. A dirty throttle body can cause delayed throttle response, hard gas pedal, and a high or wavering idle. Cleaning the throttle body is a simple procedure and just about the same on every car. Currently, the best carburetor & throttle body cleaner is the WD-40 Fast-Acting Specialist. Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest carburetor & throttle body cleaners since 2016. Make It a Habit to Clean Your Throttle Body Regularly. Most auto manufacturers highly recommend removing and cleaning your throttle body every 100,000 miles. However, a lot of motorists clean the throttle body after 30,000 miles which is actually a good idea. While changing oil today, I decided I would also pull the throttle body TB to clean it. My truck only had about 18,000 miles on it, but I thought I would check it out anyway to see how dirty it was. Here is the way to do this, if you want to do it. I've heard other members state that by 30,000 miles, the throttle body can be very dirty.

If heavy sludge buildup is an issue, the throttle body must be removed, cleaned in a solvent and allowed to dry. During this process, the throttle position sensor should not be cleaned due to the possibility of contamination or wire damage. The best way to preserve the sensor is to remove and replace it after cleaning is finished. 2005-05-13 · I have a '94 deville and got A P085 code last night following a diognostics check after seeing the "service engine soon light" come on. I am wondering what is the best way to clean the thottle body and what can I use such as what cleaners and what kind of brush? 2010-04-20 · What is the best way to clean a nasty throttle body. I don't know if I'm safe to use typical Carb/Choke/TBI cleaners on it or if it could damage the wires and other rubber components. 2015-03-24 · M&M EFI Throttle body cleaning. Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by sfd112, Mar 24,. When I cleaned and re-oiled the AC I noticed the throttle body is dirty, using a rag with carb cleaner I can wipe off the dirt up to the butterflies, what is the best way to clean the rest of it?

2008-06-06 · I disconnected my mass air housing and throttle body boot to change a couple of vacuum hoses that lie underneath and discovered my throttle body and valve looked real dirty. I cleaned the inside the best I could with some damp paper towels soaked with gas. I. The throttle body on a Honda, or any other vehicle, accumulates carbon build-up, dirt and gasoline gum over many miles of driving. This can cause a rough idle, stalling and slow acceleration. To correct these problems, learn how to clean a Honda throttle body and.

Took my Cobalt to the dealership for what I thought might e warranty work. Turns out that my fuel pump is fine, but they wanted to replace the throttle body. 2017-06-29 · And what was the problem you had? I've never had one single issue cleaning the throttle body on the 7th gen V6 in 250k miles and I've cleaned it more than 10 times. I do not remove the throttle body, I clean with it mounted. Spray carb cleaner onto a. Top 5 Throttle Body Cleaners. For the reasons above, it’s important to get your throttle body cleaned on a regular basis. You can either pay a mechanic to do it for you or you can do it yourself. If you choose the latter, you just need to know which throttle body cleaners are the best. 2010-07-17 · The best way to clean it would be to remove the IAC from the throttle body and clean it with throttle body cleaner, a tooth brush, and some rags. Only 2 screws hold the IAC in, so its not like its rocket science to take it out.

2015-01-02 · the way i clean it is pour z injector cleaner in the fuel tank or pull off the fuel filter and add it in there so it flow through out the tbi. that way i think is best. you can spray cleaner in the idle air port in the tbi in the mornin while z engine is running. this may cleaner. 2009-10-27 · Take the throttle Body off the engine to clean. When I have cleaned the Throttle bodies on my LT1 Engines. I have removed the TB from the engine to clean. This way you can get to everything that you cannot see. If you decide to do it this way. Make sure you have a brand new Throttle body Gasket to install on the intake manifold, when. Guys, I know I'm a noob,but I figured I best post this to help others out. Today I installed a Airaid MIT with a drop in K&N filter. While doing this, I decided to take off the throttle body just to. 2012-04-23 · Ive tried sea foam but it's not getting it fast enough for me. What's the best method to clean out the carbon buildup in the intake/throttle body?

2007-06-07 · Im due to clean my throttle body as I think this might be causing a little less fuel mileage. I was told how to do it, I just don't know what I should use to clean it out. I was told not to put alot of carb cleaner, or anything like that in it. One mechanic suggested a mild soap and a towel and just to wipe it out after I clamped open the throttle. This article discusses some easy and simple ways to learn how to clean a throttle position sensor in your car. Being a very important part of the car's engine, it is vital that you learn to do this job correctly. The same would be taught to you in the content that follows, so read on. Yeah I think this is the case with others too like the Cobalt. that way you don't need a helper and the elctrical isn't hot while you are spraying cleaner in the throttle body. I don't think it would hurt but I'd rather just let the cleaner evaporate before turning on the key. 2015-05-16 · And I did not let them know about the truck it has a blown head gasket lol even though they test drove it before they did that awesome deal with me, man the car is road ready, I believe the throttle body needs a good cleaning out the way it does when I am trying to accelerate it on the road, other than that it rides real smooth like a Cadillac.

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