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2016-06-10 · If bass are in cover like brush and heavy grass, you can still get a wacky rig into the thick of it, but not with conventional rigging. Jeff Kriet shows us how to hook the worm so it’s completely weedless, while retaining that wacky. Wacky rigging just gives the bait a wobbling action which can’t be duplicated with a nose hook. Two awesome worms for wacky rigging on the drop shot are the classic roboworm which comes in a million colors, and the jackall flick shake worm. The drop shot wacky worm performs best when the bass are deep and you need to get down to them. 2017-02-15 · Just as the title mentions what is your must have brand and style of a wacky hook, I personally mainly fish them on a 2/0 circle hook weightless but have been thinking about starting to use wacky jig heads hooks to get them down quick and maybe give them a better presentation? 2018-09-28 · Hey Im trying to figure out the best wacky rig hooks for senko type baits. Thanks Maddox. Jump to content. Best wacky rig hook for senkos Sign in to follow this. Followers 2. Best wacky rig hook for senkos. I don't usually fish stick worms wacky style when dealing with heavy cover or.

2013-03-21 · Wacky Rig Hook Size Sign in to follow this. Followers 0. Wacky Rig Hook Size. Falcon K-wacky hooks come in a variety of weights, I like the 1/16 oz best. Quote; Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. Rangerphil. 3/0 worm hook but I saw vmc came out with a wacky rig hook looks good but I do not like circle hooks! I want to. Wacky Rigging Worms. OK, you've decided on the worm. Now how do you rig it? Weedless or open hook? Best hook for wacky worm fishing? That's hard to say. While the wacky worm is hooked through its middle in most every instant, the type of hooks that can be used are varied. 2017-10-16 · Sharply lift your rod tip a few times with slack in the line and when you feel the weight of your hook and worm, stop what you’re doing and let it fall on a slack line. This method takes advantage of that special, undulating action for which a wacky rig is known. But you can also use the 3/0 offset EWG hook as a wacky worm hook if you had to. It’s not the first hook I would choose for a wacky rig with a Senko, but if I could only grab one pack of hooks to take along with me, I could make the 3/0 work for any Senko rig, and so could you. The Best Size Senko Worm. Wacky rig or wacky rigging is how you hook the soft plastic when fishing for bass. Soft plastic worms are used with the rig. The phrase wacky rigged worms it means the hook sits in the middle of the worm. With this setup, the plastic has a smooth movement through the water.

Best Wacky Worm Hook

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Wacky Worm Hooks - Model L097BP Eagle Claw®'s Lazer Sharp® Hooks are perfect for finesse and wacky worm rigging. The Wacky Worm Hook's round bend creates an extra wide gap which promotes a livelier looking action. A wacky rig, which consists simply of a "wacky worm" impaled on a hook through the middle of its body like the Senko shown at right. It is primarily a clear water presentation that is most effective, though not exclusively so, during spawn and post-spawn.

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