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2017-04-27 · Here at VinePair, we love a good cocktail. The amount of speakeasies and craft-cocktail bars popping up all over the country make it a great time for cocktail aficionados to be alive. However, most of the time, those intricate, 10-ingredient, obscurely worded cocktails aren’t always an option at places where we drink the most. For everyday use in your home bar, you only need six or eight of each of these three basic types: a short glass, a tall glass, and a stem. If you plan to serve wine at your parties, invest in eight to 12 basic stemmed wineglasses, either a single shape that is.

2018-05-23 · On this episode of Bar Basics, I will be going over bar strainers. I’ll explain to how to properly use them, some tips, and then some cool tricks you can use. How to Make Bar Drinks at Home. A night out spent drinking cocktails at sleek bars served by bartenders who shake and pour in a rhythmic fashion can be a highlight of your week. But, if you're wondering how to make popular bar drinks yourself, stock up on the basics. Below I’m going to give you a list of the main ingredients for a well stocked home bar, and also the main ingredients that we’ll be using in the training lessons. I’m going to start off as basic as possible to help keep your costs down, but we’ll go into some more extended lists in later posts as we progress and get a bit more creative. basic bartending drinks Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free.

2017-12-07 · Frost collecting on the newly frozen ground means it's time to get in the holiday spirit, one drink at a time. Whether you're entertaining loved ones or trying to drink them away, the run-up to Christmas and New Year's is a good time to build or improve your home cocktail bar. Here's how to put. Making great drinks at home is fun, cheaper than going out, and easier than you might think. I’ve distilled twenty years of home-bartending experience along with the advice of some of the country’s best professional bartenders to create my book “Home Bar Basics and Not-So-Basics,” a pocket-sized Cocktails 101 guide. 2017-05-04 · No bar is complete without a bottle of bitters, a seemingly small yet critical element of Manhattans, old-fashioneds, Sazeracs and other booze-forward drinks. Stock your bar with a variety of options, from the classic Angostura to Peychaud's, DRAM Apothecary, Fee Brothers and Bittermens. 2020-01-02 · All bartenders should be familiar with beer. The beer-brewing process begins with pure water, corn grits, and malted barley. Malted barley is the basic ingredient and is often referred to as the “soul of beer.” It contributes to the color and characteristic flavor of beer. Malted simply means that the barley has been steeped or []. Here's a breakdown of the basic ingredients you'll need for mixing drinks. Liquor: Once you decide on the cocktail drink recipes you want to make, stock up on the spirits you'll need. Some basic liquors include gin, rum, bourbon, brandy, whiskey, Cointreau, dry.

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