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High-Speed WiFi Improvements Underway WASHINGTON – Amtrak travelers on the Northeast Corridor NEC will soon enjoy improved Wi-Fi, with a more reliable and easier connection to high-speed broadband. Amtrak Acela Express customers are already benefiting from performance tuning, including improved stability and reliability of VPN connections. 2020-01-04 · Amtrak features Wi-Fi service on a handful of its trains and at several of its train stations. Amtrak customers might encounter a couple of kinds of Wi-Fi. The first is AmtrakConnect Wi-Fi, which is a free service that Amtrak provides to travelers. Passengers also can find third-party Wi-Fi. Amtrak WiFi was first deployed in 1Q2010 by GBS Group and Nomad Digital, with 3G cellular connectivity. This connection was shared among the passenger cars from the central cellular modem in the cafe car via wired 150 Mbps between the 802.11n 2.4 GHz Wifi APs, which was a new standard feature on smartphones at least 802.11g for phones and 802. Amtrak Connect 101. At Amtrak we take being the Smarter Way to Travel seriously. That is why we offer FREE Wi-Fi service on select trains and stations throughout the country. With Amtrak Connect, all you have to decide is if you want to stay productive, or simply sit back and have some fun while en route to one of our 500 destinations.

AmtrakConnect® cellular-based Wi-Fi service is coming to Amtrak trains in Michigan, with the state becoming the first in the Midwest to bring this amenity to all its rail passengers. The state’s Transportation Commission approved the contract last week. 2012-06-04 · Amtrak Guest Rewards - Amtrak Connect Wi-Fi Expansion - Wil to Was seems to have wifi on all acella and reginal trains. I have never found it to even be usable. It also seems to disconnect at the stations. I understand they are stuck at 3g, and 4 g is simply not in service much. I dont even bother trying to surf.

Currently wifi is not available on Amtrak Southwest Cheif. Elsewhere on the Amtrak website you can find this list which shows the most upto date list of the trains that have available Wifi. 2011-12-01 · Amtrak Guest Rewards - Amtrak Connect Wi-Fi Expansion - As stated in an Amtrak email, Amtrak Connect Wi-Fi will be expanded to the following routes: • Northeast Regional • Ethan Allen Express • Maple Leaf • Carolinian • Vermonter • Adirondack • Keystone Service • Empire Service • Palmetto • New Haven-Springfield. Amtrak passengers traveling from Wilmington and other points on the Northeast Corridor will soon enjoy improved Wi-Fi, with a more reliable and easier connection to high-speed broadband. Amtrak Acela Express customers are seeing benefits, according to the federally owned passenger railroad. 2014-06-10 · Complaining about crappy Wi-Fi service has been a popular pastime for Amtrak riders for years, so why is the service still so bad even after repeated attempted upgrades? Granted, the rail company is finally seeking help in fixing its Wi-Fi woes on the Northeast Corridor NEC, soliciting bids for a. 2020-01-05 · Capitol Corridor trains offer complimentary Wi-Fi to keep you connected during your ride. Be productive, or simply sit back and have some fun while using any Wi-Fi enabled device. How to connect: Select Wi-Fi network “AmtrakConnect”. Open or refresh your browser to see the AmtrakConnect welcome screen.

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2014-05-10 · Rejoice, Amtrak riders! The rail service is planning to address one of your most pressing first-world problems: the spotty Wi-Fi on Amtrak trains. The problem with Amtrak’s current Wi-Fi is that Amtrak trains pick up their Internet connection via cellular towers, which are already crowded for. If it looks like you are on the Wi-Fi, but that the Internet isn't actually working, it means you are connected to the access point, but not to the router, and this can happen for a number of reasons. 2010-10-29 · Has anyone tried to use their iPad on an Amtrak Acela train with the Amtrak Connect WiFi service? What I have experienced is that you can connect to the service easily and for the most part stay connected for several hours. Many Apps either don't work or are blocked by the AmtrakConnect filters. Basically, anything that the service.

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