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2011-05-16 · Simplifying treatment for TB without symptoms. Of those, 5 to 10 percent will go on to develop active TB, which can be spread to others and can be fatal if not properly treated. Researchers looked at 8,000 people with latent TB, mostly in the United States or Canada. When a healthy person gets infected with TB, their immune system cells will usually wall off the infection and cause the TB bacteria to go into an inactive form that causes no symptoms and is not contagious; this is known as latent TB infection. It is possible to live with latent TB without ever developing the active form of the disease. If you have tuberculosis, you may not have any symptoms. That’s because the germs that cause this illness can live in your body without making you sick. In fact, most people who get infected with TB are able to fight the germs before they spread. Doctors call this “latent TB” infection. Active tuberculosis is the more serious form of tuberculosis. As this eMedTV page explains, it affects 8 million people worldwide each year. Active tuberculosis occurs when the immune system is unable to stop the tuberculosis bacteria from growing. Other symptoms of active TB disease depend on where in the body the bacteria are growing. If active TB disease is in the lungs pulmonary TB, the symptoms may include a bad cough, pain in the chest, and coughing up blood. If active TB is outside the lungs for example, the kidney, spine, brain, or lymph nodes, it is called extrapulmonary TB.

2019-03-29 · TB usually affects the lungs typically the primary site of inoculation, though it can affect any organ. In the latent form, the bacteria remains dormant with no signs or symptoms, whereas the active form shows signs and symptoms. The vast majority of TB infections remain latent. 2019-11-21 · Tuberculosis TB is a bacterial infection spread through inhaling tiny droplets from the coughs or sneezes of an infected person. It mainly affects the lungs, but it can affect any part of the body, including the tummy abdomen, glands, bones and nervous system. Latent TB is where you've been infected with the TB bacteria, but do not have any symptoms of active infection. If you have latent TB and are aged 65 or under, treatment is usually recommended. However, the antibiotics used to treat TB can cause liver damage in older adults. 2017-03-24 · “It is called active TB if people display symptoms of the condition.” Latent TB is not contagious - but the bacteria does remain the body. However, if the immune system fails to kill the infection it can spread within the lungs. TB that affects the lungs pulmonary TB is the most contagious type of the disease, but it usually only spreads. 2015-11-04 · In active TB the bacteria multiply in the body and usually attack lung tissue, though they can also damage the kidneys, spine, and brain. Symptoms of TB include a bad cough that lasts three weeks or longer, chest pain, a cough that brings up blood or sputum a mix of saliva and mucus, chills, fever, and night sweats.

The symptoms of tuberculosis TB depend on where the infection occurs. TB usually develops slowly. Your symptoms might not begin until months or even years after you were initially infected. In some cases the infection doesn't cause any symptoms, which is known as latent TB. It's called active TB if you have symptoms.

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