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Excluding toe fractures, metatarsal fractures are the most common foot fracture. Approximately one-third of metatarsal fractures involve the shaft or distal portion of the metatarsal. Direct blows and twisting injuries cause many of these fractures. In adults, high forces are required to fracture the first metatarsal. Jones fracture. Jones fractures occur in a small area of the fifth metatarsal that receives less blood and is therefore more prone to difficulties in healing. A Jones fracture can be either a stress fracture a tiny hairline break that occurs over time or an acute sudden break. Jones fractures are caused by overuse, repetitive stress or trauma.

The dancer's fracture has become a universal term for any fifth metatarsal fracture, but foot surgeons generally reserve for fracture of a specific orientation. A true dancer's fracture occurs mostly in the middle tissues of the long metatarsal bone and will be oriented obliquely in the shaft of the bone. He is diagnosed with a Zone II base of 5th metatarsal fracture and is recommended for internal fixation. Which of the following is the primary advantage of operative intervention for these fractures compared to non-operative treatment? Review Topic. Introduction Fractures of the proximal fifth metatarsal are quite common and usually can be divided into one of three patterns: Avulsion fractures of the base of the metatarsal Fractures at the junction of the metaphysis and diaphysis Jones fractures Pu.

In particular, fractures of the 2nd, 3rd or 4th metatarsal should raise suspicion of a ligament Lisfranc injury. A 5th metatarsal fracture must be scrutinized to make sure a zone 2 Jones fracture which needs more protection is identified. A 1st metatarsal fracture must be examined closely to ensure there is no displacement. Jones Fracture: Fracture of the proximal diaphysis of the 5th metatarsal, distal to the tuberosity, without joint involvement. Caused by foot inversion / twisting and repetitive stress The term ‘Jones fracture’ is used inconsistently; some referring to fracture at the metaphyseal-diaphyseal junction and others define it as a fracture at the proximal diaphysis. This condition is known as a 5th metatarsal fracture. A 5th metatarsal fracture is relatively common among the elderly, but can also occur in the younger patient. Often a fracture of the 5th metatarsal occurs in combination with a sprained ankle or other fractures of the foot, ankle or lower leg. The proximal 5th metatarsal is the site of a number of fractures and variants which mimic fractures. These include: stress fracture of the 5th metatarsal Jones fracture avulsion fracture of the proximal 5th metatarsal accessory ossicles os v.

5th metatarsal fracture. Case contributed by Dr Jeremy Jones. Oblique Oblique fracture of the distal 5th metatarsal diaphysis with some periosteal reaction and early callus formation. Case Discussion. A classic footballer's injury: inversion resulting in a base of 5th metatarsal fracture. 9 public playlist includes this case. The least common fracture of the 5th metatarsal is the acute spiral fracture of the base and diaphysis, usually sustained after a fall or severe inversion injury with superimposed load. These fractures usually heal uneventfully, dependent upon displacement and rotation, and are managed with a weight bearing below knee cast.

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