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You notice an increase in 36 weeks pregnant discharge you have not reached 37 th week of pregnancy or the nature of the discharge changes, for example, it becomes mucus-like, watery, or bloody-even if there is a bit of pink or brown old blood. Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Livingston on watery discharge 36 weeks: Could be any of. Having Watery Discharge During Pregnancy at 38 weeks. Watery discharge at 38 week of pregnancy may mean your labour is about to start. The baby can come at anytime after 36 week. Not everyone carries a baby to the 40th week. While some women are pregnant till week 41. Hiya, as the title pretty much explains, I'm just over 36 weeks preg with baby no 4. Since last night iv had really watery discharge/ or waters leaking or maybe urine I don't kno. It's not soaking thru liners or anything, tho I did put one on before bed and in the six hours I was asleep it was well wet. Hi Am 36 weeks pregnant and the last 2 days have had a lot of white discharge. When I got up out of bed yesterday morning, I had to run to the loo, and the same again this morning. It was white gooey discharge, no blood, just pure white. Anyone know if this is normal? Some websites say yes this is normal, other websites say phone your.

watery discharge at almost 37 weeks NewMommyXOXO 1 child;. Has anyone else had watery discharge towards the end of their pregnancy? I went to the bathroom about 15 minutes ago and when i wiped it was like a thin, clear, watery discharge. I wiped about 3 times til I was dry. 2008-07-18 · I am 36 weeks pregnant and I have been having this watery like discharge. Could it be my water breaking? Other than having watery discharge i have been feeling like I have been leaking a little bit. the discharge I don&39;t notice until i go to the bathroom. but the leaking feeling is when i get up from sitting or laying down. You should contact your doctor if you're experiencing excessive watery discharge and noticing severe discomfort. It is not easy for most expectant moms to distinguish between amniotic fluid and mucus. Therefore, you should not take any chance, especially when you experience excessive watery discharge after 28 weeks of pregnancy. 2020-01-01 · At 36 weeks pregnant, discharge may increase as your body readies itself for birth. But look out for watery discharge which could be amniotic fluid—call your doctor!, blood a sign of preterm labor, or mucus-like or blood-tinged discharge, which could be the mucus plug. Pregnancy Calendar Week 36. YOUR PREGNANCY WEEK BY WEEK: WHAT’S HAPPENING IN WEEK 36. Here in the last weeks of pregnancy, your baby is still developing, growing and getting ready to come into the world soon. She’s now grown to about 6 pounds and 20 inches long.

2011-01-26 · 37 weeks and watery liquid and white discharge. hi, just wondering if it s normal to release watery discharge, last night it saturated my whole knickers but no blood or cramps so prob normal. had a little white discharge aswell kinda slimey.YUK. im 37 weeks preg. increase vaginal discharge at 36 weeks.: Hey All. Im currently 364 days with first baby who is measuring 4 weeks ahead! The past couple of days ive noticed an increase of vaginal discharge. When I called the hospital they told me to come in. I was monitored for 2 hours and was told have an increase of discharge and that its normal however my. Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Pizzo on brown discharge 36 weeks pregnant: Could be any of these-get. Discharge or amniotic fluid? You will notice that you have more slightly watery virginal discharge than normal. When you get up in the morning some liquid may run down your legs. This is completely normal. Do keep an eye out for whether it is discharge or amniotic fluid. Discharge looks white and milky, amniotic fluid is clear. Once again, clear watery discharge is not something that you should worry about as this is your vagina’s normal way of keeping itself clean. However, it can get quite icky and uncomfortable when you experience vaginal discharges. While you cannot stop having a watery discharge, the following are some ways you can do to keep your vagina healthy.

2019-08-29 · Noticing a milky-white or clear watery discharge during your pregnancy? You're not alone. Here's what it means, why you're seeing it and what to do. Morning sickness, fatigue and those achy, achy feet. You knew pregnancy was going to come with a whole host of common symptoms. But is watery. 2013-08-10 · I've had discharge throughout the pregnancy, but its always creamy/white in colour and a bit thicker hard to explain. Since yesterday, my discharge has been really watery. It still has a white tinge to it, but a lot more clear and watery. Will there be a reason for this. Is a clear watery discharge a sign of pregnancy? Depending on when it appears, a clear watery discharge is a strong sign of a pregnancy. If you see this kind of discharge in the first two weeks after your period, then it is something else such as a normal discharge, polyps and even fibroids in the uterus.

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